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How to prevent bed bugs in an apartment

Updated on June 29, 2016

Bed bugs are an unwelcome sight in every home. Many people in most parts of the globe thought that this pest menace was over. However, in North America the incidence of beg bug infestation seems to be on the rise. Accoring to, bed bug business is up 32 percent. It is high time that you take a certain raft of measures to prevent your home from becoming infestation. We will show you how to prevent bed bugs. If you don’t prevent them, you’ll have to resort to learning how to kill bed bugs yourself or just give up and call a professional.

So, you should follow these steps and your home will be bed bug free.

You must be careful enough to stay in a clean and tidy hotel room

Hotel room accommodations are one of the principal reasons why bed bug infestations are so rampant in America’s contemporary society. These hotel rooms accommodate people from all over North America. You will never know how hygienic people who visit hotels are. It is therefore prudent that you take all the necessary measures to prevent any bed bugs from landing on you during and after your stay at a hotel room.

Your clothes need regular cleaning and washing

Bed bugs nibble on your skin for blood and hitch a ride on your clothes to get to your skin. In other words, your clothes provide a good transportation mechanism for bed bugs. You should thoroughly clean your clothes after you have come home from work or school. Washing and cleaning your clothes kills the bed bugs that normally present on them. It also alters the dirty environment upon which the bed bugs thrive.

You should handle your clothes more cautiously when coming home

Washing and cleaning your clothes is just not enough. Bed bugs can actually move or jump from your clothes to the carpet floor before you put these same clothes into the washing machine. It is therefore important for you to cut off any escape routes available to bed bugs.

The best way of handling your clothes is to remove them as soon as you get home from work or from school. You should do this while standing on a solid, cold and impenetrable surface. Do not remove your daytime clothes while standing on the carpet.

Wrap up your clothes in a plastic paper bag. This prevents anything including bed bugs from escaping. If you do not follow these instructions then bed bugs will easily escape from your clothes and hide somewhere within your house.

You should be weary of all new furniture that comes into your home

You already know that almost all kinds of furniture have crevices and small openings. You should vacuum your furniture, especially new arrivals on a more regular basis. This gets rid of all the potential bed bugs hiding in your furniture.

You should also be careful enough to check your luggage as you arrive home from a trip or camp

By now, you have come to learn that bed bugs seek a convenient means of getting from one place to another. Luggage provides the second best alternative after clothes. Bed bugs tend to hide themselves in luggage especially after a long trip or a critical business trip. You must therefore check your luggage to ensure that bedbugs did not hitch a ride in your luggage.

The skills and techniques on how to prevent bed bugs are as indicated above. These techniques are not only applicable on how to prevent bed bugs but they are also applicable when it comes to the monitoring of bed bugs. You should try them out.


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