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How to promote one's spirituality

Updated on December 7, 2010

Dwelt Alone

In the account of Tsaou-pe (曹毘), met with in the books of Tsin ( 晉書), we read as follows: " Yu-kung (虞公) dwelt alone, on a lofty precipice, in order to promote his spirituality (頤神); while Leang-sang (梁生) went away to the southern regions, in order to maintain his abstractedness (保真)." 

Silent Meditation
Also in the writings of Foo-heen (傅咸), we read, " It is said that you ought by silent meditation to promote your spirituality, and whenever you meet with any great gain or loss, you should lay fast hold on this principle." 

Do Nothing
In the account of Tsuy-haou (崔浩), found in the books of Wei (魏書), Haou addressing the emperor said, "Your Majesty should saunter about, without anything to do, and thus nourish your animal spirits, and promote your longevity."


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