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How to protect eyesight??

Updated on May 22, 2012

He says take care of your eyes


Weak eyesight is the most common problem of 21st century. Modern gadgets bring modern diseases with them and weak eyesight is one of those modern diseases. If you look back in history, people at old ages (usually) used to have weak eyesight. That was the result of body growing old but if you see now, the population with weak eyesight has grown at a very huge amount, especially the teenagers. It is the most important sense organ, I believe. You've got only one pair and that you have to utilize throughout your life time. Hence you need to protect and care about them.

You can protect your eyes from the unnatural means of destruction. So, for this purpose first of all you need to protect your eyes from harmful things.

Take help from sunglasses

The sun rays, particularly the blue waves, directly hit the retina leading to the eye problems like myopia, hypermetropia artificially. The best sunglasses for preventing the blue waves are amber-orange-brown range of sunglasses.

Take help from your monitor

You should prefer LCD monitors instead of the heavy cathode ray tube monitors as it flickers less than the cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors.

Eye protection

  1. Go for regular checkups. Take your child below 5 years to eye specialist once to check the symptoms of strabismus or lazy eye. If you have a family history of any kind of eye problem, visit eye specialist in every 6 months to check out the early symptoms of any possible problem, before getting worse.

  2. Use eye protection wherever required. For example, at your work place like pharmaceuticals, construction site, etc, and at home, even while putting a nail on the walls etc. Avoid the entry of any kind of foreign body in your eye because you can't guess how that small particle is going to effect your eye, especially chemicals. So using an eye protection is a must.

  3. Use sunglasses. It not only looks fashionable but it also protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays of sun. The longer exposure of eye to sun rays can weaken your eye muscles, can lead to cataract and may result in macular degeneration. So, invest money on good sunglasses and make sure that your sunglasses are providing you 100% protection from the UV rays. You should also wear sunglasses at the places where the surrounding is very shinny like snow, water sources, sand, shinny metals etc. That may also hurt your eyes.

  4. Keep a distance of 10 feet between you and TV while watching it. And also keep the maximum comfortable distance between you and your PC's monitor.

Eat healthy fat rich foods

Eat fat rich foods like avocado, olives, raw nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, organic eggs, and organic butter because luteins are best absorbed by our blood in the presence of healthy fats present in these foods.

What to eat???

  1. Eat high amount of antioxidants like berries, pomegranate etc. These prevents macular degeneration which results in blindness in old ages.

  2. Eat high bioflavonoid containing food like berries and pomegranate. These increases the supply of food and oxygen to the eye tissues by strenthening the small blood vessels present in eyes.

  3. Eat food with high lutein. This is also an antioxidant and helps in removing the free radicles from your body which are created due to pollution etc. These free radicles can damage your lenses, retina, optic nerve etc. Kale, collard greens, spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, corn, avocado, and organic egg yolks are some of the lutein rich foods.

  4. Eat omega 3 protein rich food. Omega 3 prevents dryness of eyes. Eat fish, they contains good amount of omega 3 in them.

  5. Eat vitamin A rich foods.

Keep distance

Keep a distance of 16-30 inches between monitor and you. Most of the people feel comfortable at a distance of 20-26 inches.

What to avoid???

  1. First of all, I would say "quit smoking". Smoking increases the risk and accelerates the development of cataracts, macular degeneration and optic nerve damage. So, if you are a smoker than I would suggest you to quit smoking as soon as possible before getting too late.
  2. Avoid Omega 6 protein. This protein counteracts the good omega 3.
  3. Avoid packed foods as most of the packed food contains omega 6 which, as stated in above statement, counteracts omega 3. Vegetable oils contains omega 6 and there is hardly any packed food which do not contains vegetable oils.
  4. Never rub your eyes, instead wash them when required.
  5. Never look continuously on the computer. Remove your eyes from the computer screen and look away, anywhere for a few seconds in between to make them relaxed. And keep blinking while watching TV and working on computers to avoid dryness.
  6. Never look directly at sun and other shinny things like metals etc.

Take help from software

If you need to work on computers for hours then you can take help from your PC. Use Flu.x. This software adjusts the monitor brightness according to the surroundings in which you are sitting, automatically. Hence, it lessens the bad effect on your eye due to lack of proper light. It's an amazing software. And I recommend this.

For more information check out the official website of Flu.x to know how to install. Follow the link:

Eye care

  1. Give your eyes time to take proper rest. Take proper sleep and put water in your eyes and let your eyes feel cool and relaxed while taking break from studies, office work etc.
  2. Wash your eyes as soon as possible if any foreign particle enters your eyes somehow.
  3. Use eye drops whenever you have any allergy, dryness, watery eyes, itching etc, but ONLY the one which is prescribed by the doctor.
  4. Keep distance even while reading books. Keep a distance of 1 foot between your eyes and the book. Reading from a close point may induce hypermetropia.
  5. Talk to your family if your have any family history with any eye disease and take proper steps to avoid those diseases.
  6. Do eye exercises to avoid eye problems or to reverse the effects of any kind of eye problems.


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    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 5 years ago from India

      thank you :)

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      This article contains a wealth of great information. I think we tend to take our eye health for granted, but these tips are very useful and I will begin implementing more of them. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      BImla stha 6 years ago

      very informative and useful.Thanks n will apply these information pratically.

    • Admiral_Joraxx profile image

      Admiral_Joraxx 6 years ago from Philippines

      Great thorough discussion on eye care. I am greatly affected by the issue now with my eyes and with this, I just got great helping tips. Thanks 1 vote up for this.

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

      @phil... thanks for stopping by and your nice comments.. :-)

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 6 years ago from London

      Very useful, and concise! Thank you! A new follower!

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

      @brandon...thanks for stopping by! :)

    • lobobrandon profile image

      Brandon Lobo 6 years ago

      Nice hub especially the info about taking children to the doc for a check up regarding lazy eye

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

      Thanks. I should try this.

    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 6 years ago

      I discovered it over 10 years ago, but I don't really use it much anymore except when I'm under a lot of strain. My life is still very stressful. It hit fever pitch several years ago when my ex started hearing voices and turned violent. My vision had made some significant improvements, but I lost it all almost immediately. Suddenly, I couldn't read the menu on the wall at a restaurant!

      Bates method is helpful, but most helpful was getting slightly week prescription glasses. Bates is helpful for relieving stress and relieving the eyes. Also, Bates explains how the eye really works. The doctors don't seem to get it.

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

      Recently my power was increased from -2.75D to -3D on the right and -3.25D on the left. And each time I gets a migraine pain, my vision get slightly blurred and the power keeps on increasing. And therefor headache is a concern for me. Because while I was searching about the migraine pains and bates method day before yesterday, I came across an article and I read the comments too. I saw a comment where the guy said that he is now completely blind because of the weakening of eyes each time he had migraine pain!! So sad to hear that and concern provoking.

      How long you've been using bates method??

      I'm going to Google more about bates method and going to start his methods. I hope I will be benefited. If the power is not reduced, at least there should be no more further increase in the power. I don't want my power to get more high. The eyes gets more stressed as the power increases, the more the power, the more will the stress and I've felt this since I've gone through power -0.5D to -3.25D in just 5 years. :-( and stress is the main reason for this. :-(

    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 6 years ago

      I am very myopic. But, I have seen improvements by using weaker than prescribed lenses. (I wear both glasses and contacts.) The problem for me has been that stress can quickly undo my progress.

      I really believe the whole thing is related to stress. I developed eye problems as a child and I remember being under tremendous stress at around six years of age.

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

      @serena.... My headaches too are related with the stress as you have seen in the hub about headache!! Do you wear glasses or lens?? I mean Bates method suggests that you need to discard the use of glasses or lenses, or at least minimize it. I think I should try this because I have seen websites and articles (and you too :-)) where the author did mentioned that they personally have cured their eye problems or successfully reduced the power and are still improving. I think I need it because even after washing my eyes and taking precautions while using computers and doing the everyday tasks, my eyes feels so heavy and that's why I easily develop headache..

    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 6 years ago

      I apologize! I meant "Bates Method!"

      Some elements of the Bates Method have been helpful for me. I, also, find that vision problems are related to stress and, as you mention in another of your hubs, headaches!

      I'm really enjoying reading your hubs and comments!

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

      @serena..... thanks.... Bach method?? I've never heard of that... I've heard of Bates method...but never tried it.. :-/

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

      @ania... so for that reason you can use hats and caps....

    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 6 years ago

      Great info.!

      The Bach Method has helped my vision quite a bit, too. So does juicing carrots!

      Voting up and accolades!

    • Ania L profile image

      Ania L 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      A lot of useful information, thank you. I believe that especially using nutrition from food helps a lot as it heals from the inside. I'm wondering though about sunglasses - I have heard they make "eyes lazy", when you overprotect something it cannot cope without this support anymore.


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