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How the pursuit of happiness and depression go hand in hand

Updated on June 29, 2014

The pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness is in the constitution of the United States. So what exactly is that? We all have the ability and want to, but how exactly do we accomplish that ?The true meaning to being happy doesn’t lie in the ability for material things.Your true happiness comes from your perspective and how forgiving you are to certain things. Of course, we all want the finer things in life, but in having the finer things there are sacrifices one must make. Unless you are born into wealth, chances are that you must work to accomplish things. In this it brings greater value and appreciation. If you want a mansion, then chances are you are going to have to work several hours a week to pay for it. Well what about time with your children, rather it be babies you have had or an animal. You are not going to want to work 60 hours a week and miss out on the things you love the most. Where am I going with this, one must ask ? Well let me tell you ,You make your life what it is and with the pursuit of happiness you need to consider what it is going to take and the sacrifices you are going to have to make. Keeping life simple is the key, being thankful for the things that you have instead of what the world shows you , you need. This world is so fast-paced that we often times put added struggles on our self, by wanting the finer things and not appreciating the things we already have. Not longing for more and more. This is just one aspect of the whole guide to happiness. Keeping life simple allows us to do more things we enjoy. Whether it be going to the park with the kids or taking a cruise along the back roads to see what new adventures you can find. Whatever it be, make time for the simple things and allowing yourself to be comfortable in what you have, verses what you are longing for. Time passes quickly and family and friends are very important. Make sure you can live in a way that you will never miss making memories with the ones you love.


Depression , today's numbers

Depression rates are soaring. According to there are 19 million American's living with major depression. Did you know that 6 out of 10 prescriptions written are for anti-depressants. This rate is climbing every day. reports that depression is a serious medical condition. This is not something to be taken lightly. In the fast-paced world we live in, things are so much different than they were 50 years ago. When the women stayed home and took care of the house hold duties and the children, while the man went to work and supported the family. Well in most cases this is not feasible this day and time, where it takes both parties working to support a family . That being said, According to New York Times, the depression rates in women are much higher. The depression rates among women are almost double that of men. Could there be a connection here ? Well I believe there is, that being said , not in all cases but the majority of women still work outside of household duties. They are still the primary source of household chores. Women are the ones that still cook and clean and see to the children. That puts a double burden on the women, resulting in higher stress levels and depression. Women take on the double duties of traditional chores and now with the added 40 hours a week. This results in the numbers we are seeing. Why have things changes so much in 50 years? Well in my opinion, it is that the "standards" of American's have been so altered due to competition, that we often times could live on one income, it would take sacrifices, like a smaller home in the suburbs instead of the 3 story in town. Maintaining a vehicle, rather than having two car payments. Growing a garden and storing the excess harvest. Get back to what women were designed to do, if possible, start eliminating debt and learning to live on less of an income. If this is not possible for other reasons, then make it a point to schedule chores and time with the children. Knowing in advance what the day is going to require. Leaves less room for chaos and maintains a positive mind set.

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Let's get it together

The pursuit of happiness, is just that, we have these images in our heads of " what we are supposed to do ". Often times , it is not meant for us to have a million dollar mansion and two brand new vehicles, with the added two car payments. Our happiness is just that, our happiness, it is not what the world says. It is what we can afford and maintain and to keep it simple. We are running ourselves into depression trying to meet the standards that have been set forth. Two people working at least one job, often time multiple jobs and rushing through life struggling to pay the mortgage, multiple car notes and all the expenses that come along with that. We send our children off for daycare to raise so we can make the next dollar. Rush, rush through every stage, on to the next. We are not to happy chasing that dollar bill to make ends meet. This has been proven through many studies and today's numbers are rising. We often times are lead by parents, co-workers and friends to reach a little higher and maintain. We have all heard our parents say, " they want better for us" . Why? What was wrong with our lives? We were raised on love and not materialistic goods. There is nothing wrong with that. The kids today are so " spoiled " that they often have every desire of their heart, so this makes them ungrateful and lazy. Our children have more offered to them now days, that they rarely appreciate all the hours you put in for those electronics and gadgets. We are working our way to depression to give our unthankful children " more than we had". I don't know about you but I will take the love and memories over the I-Pad and I-phone. What are we doing? We are setting ourselves and our children up to want more. With wanting more that requires more income. More hours at the office. Less valuable time with the ones we love. More stress, more depression and less years raising our children. This is not happiness the pursuit is for the new released device, the new vehicle that backs for you and more worries on us, as adults and parents. The pursuit of happiness should be in time spent, memories made and quality time.

Happiness and Depression

* pursue happiness but don't drive yourself into depression getting there

* focus on love and memories, not bigger and better

* spend quality time with your loved ones, life is shorter than one may think

* get out of debt as soon as possible

* live within your means

* be thankful in all you have

Focus on happiness

I am not saying to not have desires and goals. I am simply telling you to focus on more family than things. Happiness can be created. It is what you are supposed to be. This rush, rush is not natural, Leading to depression and other mental illnesses. Happiness is being content, in what you have. Happiness comes from enjoying life rather than working it away. Happiness is made in what you allow and not allow. Start being thankful and not wanting more. Depression is also a symptom of being strong to long. This life is a once in a lifetime thing. These material things will be out dated in a few months and to chase them is to, run around a revolving door. Everyone loves the "new best thing", but often times it is not feasible and shouldn't be expected. Be happy in what you have and you will always be happy. Depression can be a genetic disorder, that said it can be unpreventable. But often times depression is something we run ourselves to chasing happiness. Teach yourself how to be content and be grateful. Try slowing it down and not putting so much effort in to money. The best things in life are free and already in you.

Make memories
Don't stress
Keep it simple
take the kids to the park
keep it simple
focus on needs the most
make time for your spouse
play with your kids
take time to love
have family nights
enjoy the simple things that are free
go for a free family adventure

Let's focus on happiness

Small steps can increase your happiness. Not everyone can quit working. So that said lets keep happiness as a top priority. Happiness is a state of mind that increases face value. Don't get so caught up in life that you forget to live. Everyone wants money in the bank and no worries. However, everyone doesn't have that. But everyone does have people that they love and value. There are things in nature that are waiting to make you smile. Some of the best adventures don't cost a thing, but maybe some gas. All around are state parks and hiking trails. My husband and I made it a point that on Sunday's we would not work . Instead we load up in the car and just drive. See the sights and get out and be adventurous. This has helped tremendously. We already know what we are doing after church on Sunday's. This doesn't cost us a dime, but it makes Monday's a lot easier, when we have had time for ourselves. We some how manage to not worry or stress. We always find we have a good time, wherever we go. You can choose what you will do , if you want to share my idea feel free. It is important to us now, that is our day, to get away for a few hours and enjoy ourselves and our children. Happiness is like anything else. It has to be fed and nurtured . Happiness doesn't only come in money and material things. Happiness comes from within and small steps daily increases happiness in your life. You first have to examine yourself and see what really you are missing. Then daily small steps will lead you to a lifetime of happiness.

Make the choice

We have several emotions, we can make happiness the majority. Happiness Is a lifestyle and appreciation. Don't struggle for things, they can't make you happy. No one item can make you happy, It is a daily choice and goal. Choose in the morning when you arise that today will be a day that you choose happiness. Don't sweat the small things and focus on a better life. Not materialistic, but in an emotional state. Don't forget to slow down and be thankful. Love and appreciate all you have, Don't constantly chase bigger and better things. For if you do one day you will wake up and realize that while you were chasing things, the ability to live passed you by. Don't wake up one morning and see an old person staring back at you in the mirror. Make it a point to make time for happiness. Happiness will come easily, as soon as you remember to enjoy life. Kids grow up, spend time with them while they are small so they spend time with you when you are old. Love and give, help and heal . Smile and be happy, fall in love with your family again and remember that love and memories are more valuable than gadgets. Live life to love and love life so you live. On your pursuit for happiness, remember to slow down so happiness can catch up.


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