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How to put out the fire of hot flashes during menopause

Updated on June 2, 2015

I'm still hot, but now I'm flashing!

Some women call it “the change,” but until a woman has actually experienced one, she most likely doesn’t know what to expect. Menopause signals the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle, symptoms can begin years before menstruation stops. One of the most common symptoms is hot flashes, which is a feeling of extreme warmth. This isn’t a comforting feeling of warmth, however. For some women, it’s nearly unbearable.

While some may joke about a woman’s sudden feeling of warmth, hot flashes are no laughing matter. They can cause insomnia, distract you from work, and cause excessive sweating that makes getting through the day without a change of clothes impossible. I, myself, would make fun of women that we're having a hot flash. I would think to myself, that lady is crazy! What is all the drama! Truth be told, I have experienced hot flashes on and off for 2 years, hot flashes are REAL!

Symptoms of menopause: not just hot flashes

  1. night sweats
  2. heart palpitations
  3. acessive sweating
  4. heat rash
  5. insomnia
  6. vitamins
  7. last but not least hormone replacement ( talk to your physician)

Why is everyone talking about hot flashes now?

What's the big deal about hot flashes? Well, your grandmother and great grandmother did not have a job, they stayed at home and baked cookies, less stress than today's women have. I know some 70 year olds still working full time. Nowadays women have careers and are raising the family, much more stress today. Also, we are living longer, the average age is early to mid 80's. With that said, U.S. Ladies need to get a good night sleep and function during the day.


Can Hot Flashes for 14 years?

A recent study including 1,449 women dealing with these unpleasant waves of heat and perspiration associated with menopause can persist for up to 14 years. The investigation found that hot flashes affect up to 80% of middle aged women. -Dr, Weil

Flash or not to flash?

Have you experienced a hot flash?

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How to deal with hot flashes.

  • stay hydrated- 8 classes of water is not gonna cut it. Bring a large water bottle to bed with you. When you feel a flash beginI got chug the water
  • reduce you caffeine intake
  • reduce sugar
  • exercise regularly
  • eat more vegetables
  • eat fresh organic food rather than processed foods

Dr, Oz's advice on hot flashes


Hopefully, this has been helpful to you. My objective, besides helping other women is to make sure the Mom's of future generations pass down this information. My mother never warned me about these flashes either did my grandmother, etc. It is our responsibility to inform the next generation. My experience in my family was to keep quiet about anything bad and pretend everything is wonderful.


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