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The best and most effective quitting smoking treatment: The day I quit smoking cigarettes for good

Updated on September 8, 2013

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Quit smoking treatment

The methods I used are probably not the way your doctor would want you to quit smoking, but they made the process easier for me to quit smoking for good. I was looking for a method that satisfied both the physical and psychological addictions, but each method I used in the past fell short of satisfying my cravings, urges, and shakes. So I researched several plans to quit smoking and understood why none of them, alone, fulfilled all of the challenges I faced while I tried to quit smoking.

I tried many methods to quit smoking, but each one only satisfied part of the quitting smoking process. A few of the methods I tried to quit smoking worked partially. Here are a few I used while quitting smoking:

  • Nicotine patches- they are effective for quitting smoking, but did not satisfy the psychological addiction to for me to quit smoking for good.
  • Medication- my doctor gave me a medication to quit smoking, but the side effects were too much for me and I did not succeed with any medications for quitting smoking.
  • Cold turkey- this was not effective at all for me. I could not handle trying to quit smoking all at once. I thought this was not a good method at all and most people that try this mathod usually start smoking.
  • Nicotine gum- this gave me the nicotine i needed to quit smoking, but did not satisfy the psychological addiction for quitting smoking.

Quitting smoking for good

The more I researched each plan, the more I understood what I needed to do to quit smoking. I needed more than one type of quitting smoking method and a plan that would satisfy every situation while quitting smoking.

I was around smokers daily, and needed a method that would prepare me for the moments when a friend asks, 'do want to have a cigarettes with me?' I had many friends and family members that were smokers, so my will power was completely gone. I needed a quit smoking method that would satisfy my lifestyle without compromising my daily encounters with smokers.

Once I realized what I needed to do to quit smoking, I was able to quit smoking easily and for good! I shared my quitting smoking plan with my friends and family because I wanted them to quit smoking too. The individual's that wanted to quit smoking.....DID! They were successful with my methods and now I offer this method to you so you can quit smoking.

Steps to stop smoking

Quit smoking date- This is important! Pick a date that you will quit smoking. I recommend you choose a date a week or two in advance. That way, you are prepared mentally to quit smoking. I set the date one week from when I decided to quit smoking. Once the quitting smoking date came, I stuck with it.

Electronic cigarette starter kit- this helped me with the physical addiction of cigarettes. I bought the Greensmoke starter, electronic cigarette kit and charged it before the quit date. Every time I wanted a cigarette, I reached for the electronic cigarette. I carried the electronic cigarette everywhere while quitting smoking. When I drank my morning coffee, I had the electronic cigarette in my hand, while my friends were smoking, I smoked my electronic cigarette, when I talked on the phone.....see the pattern? This satisfied the physical addiction enough for the first two months that I quit smoking. I eventually started to lose the need to have the electronic cigarette available. This happened around the third month of the quit smoking process.

Nicotine Patches- I placed one every morning on my body. This was the reason I did not get the strong urges or cravings. Between the electronic cigarette and the nicotine patches, I was able to quit smoking. I used the patches for the first four weeks. I started on Step 1 of the nicotine patches. Then, Step 2 for the second week. Week 3 and 4 were Step 3. The generic brands worked just as well as the name brands, so save some money and buy generic while quitting smoking! You do not need expensive products to quit smoking.

Antacids- this is for the 'bloating' you will get after the third day of quitting smoking. Trust Me! You will need it! The third day of quitting smoking was a little unbearable. My stomach was twice the normal size, but I felt fine by the fifth day. This is part of the nicotine leaving your system. Be patient. It will eventually go away.

Quit smoking the right way

With the four items on the list, I was ready to quit smoking for good! I did succeed and have been smoke-free for two years! I tried many times to quit smoking before, but never found success. I finally did quit smoking once I realized all methods do work, but together. Some of the methods lack with either the psychological addiction or the physical addiction. Thay is why I combined all of them and created my own starter kit for quitting smoking for good.

The first week of quitting smoking

The first week with quitting smoking was a little different than what you will expect. It will not be difficult, just a different routine than what you are used to with smoking. If you need a cigarette as soon as you wake up, make sure your electronic cigarette is available. This will make you able to ease to switch from cigarettes to an electronic cigarette easier.

The first day that I quit was a bit different, but easy with all of supplies available. I carried around the electronic cigarette just like I would a cigarette, took a puff when I felt the urge, and continued this practice. I eventually got used to this and it made quitting much easier. I was able to continue my smoking routine with the e-cigarette.

Remember, smoking is part of your daily routine. Trying to change too much at once while quitting smoking would be overwhelming and prevent half of smokers from succeeding. Quitiing smoking is a process and it does not have to be a difficult one. Slowly changing your habits will help you reach the goal of quitting smoking for good.

What your lungs will feel while quitting smoking

The greatest part of quitting smoking is the regaining of your health. Your body will thank you for removing this habit from your life. The first day I quit, I did feel a lot of pain in my chest and back. This was from the freedom that I finally gave my lungs. The freedom to breathe clean air after many years of restricting them with smoke. My lungs were expanding and my back and chest were suffering in pain. Don't worry. This will soon go away once your lungs are used to breathing.

Please do not give up! If anything, this should make you realize how destructive smoking is to your body. It will definitely go away! Let your lungs expand and allow them to function better. Once I got past the third day of quitting smoking, my chest and back pains went away. A little advice- try some breathing exercises (breathe in slowly, then breathe out slowly). This will help you decrease the cravings and help you expand your lungs and breathe easier after quitting smoking.

Another recommendation for the first week of quitting smoking- decrease the amount of physical activity. After many years of smoking, your lungs are able to breathe easier. Unfortunately, it does not seem like this is happening because you will feel shortness of breath during the first week of quitting smoking. Please give yourself a break and take it easy. Again, quitting smoking is a process, but you can make it a process that you do not have to repeat ever again.

Quitting smoking for good

Quitting smoking could be easier to do with the right attitude and right items. The first week of quitting smoking is the week that most people fail. This is the week that half of smokers give up while quitting smoking. Remember- once you get past the first week of quitting smoking, you hit a mark that half of smokers who try to quit, failed to reach. With all of the items above as a starter kit, you will become the half that succeeded with quitting for good.

One myth I have heard repeatedly for the journey to quitting smoking is the myth that you will gain weight after you quit smoking. This does not have to be a true statement. For more information on how to lose weight while quitting smoking, read the article "Weight gain after quitting smoking".

I wish you great success on quitting smoking. Just remember, check with your doctor before you start my methods or decide to quit smoking for good. Make sure you are able to use the items before you buy them because some may cause an allergic reaction. Please remember, it took you many years to build up your tolerance to cigarettes, so give yourself some time to build your tolerance to quit smoking.

This is not a test and a grade will not be given for you efforts. Quitting smoking is a personal goal for your future and your health. This is a personal goal and there is no competition for how quickly you can quit smoking. This method, however, makes quitting smoking much easier to accomplish than every other method I used.

Quitting smoking is the best choice that you can make in your life. If you are serious about quitting smoking, my advice to you is- take it one day at a time. Quitting smoking is a process, not a competition. Much success on you way to a smoke-free life and a healthier you! I know you can do it! If I did, anyone can.


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