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How To Reduce Cancer Risk

Updated on November 17, 2015

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Please take note that this article is on how to reduce cancer risk, and not about cancer cure. Prevention is better than cure. Everyone of us is at risk of contracting this dreaded disease called cancer. The best possible way to face this dilemma is to find ways and means to reduce the risk of getting cancer. Over the years I have come across much information on this subject about how to reduce cancer risk. Here, I like to share with you some facts on cancer, and then recommend ways to reduce cancer risk. By reducing the risk of cancer, let us hope we will be able to prevent cancer from attacking us. Let us live a long and healthy life. For this, we need to take charge of our lives, and live life in a responsible manner.

Some Basic Facts About Cancer And Treatments

Cancer cells exist in everyone’s body but will not be detected by standard tests until they have multiplied into a few billion cancer cells. That is why, when cancer patients are being told that there are no more cancer cells, it just means that the cancer cells have been reduced to undetectable levels.

Although chemotherapy and radiation treatments are “standard recommended” treatments, statistics show that their success rate is not very encouraging. So is surgery. That is why these three “standard recommended” treatments of cancer by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are cynically called “poisoning, burning and butchering”. Alternative treatments of cancer like are not that bad after all, considering they are less traumatic and less painful, with many proven success cases. One such alternative cancer treatment is the Gerson Therapy.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are the wholesale destruction of human cells, both cancer cells and healthy cells. In short it is destroying all human cells which are the lifeline of life. In the process, tissue and organ damage will occur. This involves organs like liver, kidneys, lungs and heart. These treatments will reduce tumor size, but prolonged treatments do not result in tumor destruction. These treatments may even cause the cancer cells to mutate and become more aggressive and more resistant to destruction. When surgery is used to remove these stubborn tumors, new cancer cells may multiply and spread to other parts of the body. This is real scary.

Chemotherapy and radiation are very toxic types of treatments. The already weak body has to bear further burden of this toxic attack, further weakening the immune system. With very weak immune system, the person will face greater risk of other infections and complications. Furthermore, these treatments are very painful and debilitating causing great stress and suffering to the patients.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Cancer cells occur periodically during a person’s lifetime. However, when the person’s immune system is strong, cancer cells will be destroyed before they can multiply into dangerous levels to form tumors. Our health or lack of it depends on three general factors, namely, lifestyle, environment and genes. The most controllable factor is lifestyle. We have not much control over the environment as individuals, although we can play our little parts not to pollute the environment. As for genes, thank your lucky stars if you have very healthy parents. For this I am indeed thankful to have very healthy parents. My mother lived for 83 years. She passed away very peacefully without any serious sickness or physical suffering. My father was even healthier. He lived to a ripe old age of 91, and like my mother, passed away without any serious sickness or physical suffering.

Since we can control the lifestyle factor to reduce the risk of cancer, let us take a closer look at what we can do to help ourselves to stay healthy the rest of our lives. I have written elsewhere that we can take control of our lifestyle to stay healthy. If we follow these suggestions we will surely reduce the risk of getting cancer. I wrote about the “four pillars of watchfulness” and these are:

1. Watch your food intake : Nutrition

2. Watch your body condition : Physical body

3. Watch your mind : Mental health

4. Watch your environment : Family, social, and external

To know more about these four pillars of watchfulness, please go read the article after you finished reading this. Very briefly here; nutrition accounts for a major part influencing our health condition. I shall write more on nutrition in a short while. The second pillar concerns our physical body condition. Cancer cells cannot thrive in a highly oxygenated environment. We must follow a regular exercise regime not only to keep physically fit but also to generate a highly oxygenated body environment. When we exercise, we are generating more oxygen into our system. So, deep breathing is a very good exercise.

Our mind is the third factor. Mental health plays a big part in our well-being. If a person worries continuously, the immune system will be affected. Worst, if the person persistently has negative and hateful thoughts. In Chinese medical treatise, there is this invisible energy circulating the body, apart from the visible blood circulation system. It is called “chi” in Chinese. The closest in western jargon will be the ”body aura”. Negative and hateful thoughts will generate negative “chi” which is detrimental to health. The negative “chi” will stifle the circulation system. In western medical term, we refer the condition as “acidic”. And in the long run, the immune system will be weakened, opening the door of destruction by aggressive germs. Remember, cancer is not a disease of the body alone. Cancer triumphs in an environment of negative and hateful mental attitude. An agitated mind is full of anger, resentment, and hate, which cause great stress to the physical body and making the whole body system very acidic. And cancer cells like an acidic environment. So it is very important that we maintain a peaceful and happy mental state.

The fourth factor is the environment we live in and live with. If we live in a very polluted environment, our health will surely be badly affected. The environment we live with, means our interactions with people, especially our friends and members of our families. Just imagine if there are always quarrels and bickering with others. A healthy and happy environment will surely help to reduce the risk of cancer.

Now let us discuss the number one most important factor, nutrition.

We Are What We Eat. Proper Nutrition Is Very Important.

In this article I like to emphasize on the first factor, nutrition. We are what we eat. This is very real and logical. After all, what is food poisoning? If we consume toxic foods, our bodies become toxic. As simple as that. So watch what we eat and drink. One sure way to reduce cancer risk is to reduce those “nutrients” that help cancer cells to grow and multiply.Let us review these “cancer foods”.

First on the list of “cancer foods” is of course, cigarette smoking. The risk of contracting lung cancer increases by 23 times in male smokers, and by 13 times in female smokers. When “smoking’ is mentioned, “drinking alcohol” inevitably surfaces. These two are the twin evils of cancer causing agents.

What about sugar? This is generally the number one silent contributor to cancer, as almost all of us take sugar every day, and in alarming quantity. Cancer cells feed on sugar. Please note, artificial sugar substitutes are no better as they contain the substance “aspartame” which is believed to be harmful to health as well. The best substitute for sugar is honey. Manuka honey is supposed to be the best honey, but it is so expensive. As a matter of caution, I personally take non-processed sugar or raw sugar. And I try to reduce my sugar consumption too.

It is generally believed that milk is a healthy drink. I wrote an article called “Milk Is Not Good For Me”. Milk causes the body to produce mucus, especially in the intestinal tract. And cancer cells feed on mucus. I have no problem avoiding milk as I dislike the smell of milk.

Reduce meat intake, especially red meats. Meat-based diet is acidic, and cancer cells thrive in acidic environment. There is also danger of undigested meat becoming putrefied in the intestine causing toxic build-up. Cancer cell walls have a tough protein covering. When you eat less meat, there will be more enzymes available to attack the protein walls of cancer cells. If you need to eat “meat”, then go for fish, especially deep-sea fishes. Actually the best diet is a vegetarian diet, but not all of us can get used to this. Vegetarian diet is less acidic.

Fresh raw vegetables, beans and nuts, and fresh fruits are the most nutritious foods for humans. Take a look at horses and cows. They are so strong and full of energy. And they only eat grass! Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are most nourishing for the body. I regularly make my fresh juices.

Avoid junk foods and carbonated drinks (sodas) because they contain lots of harmful additives, enhancers and preservatives. Processed foods are in this category. These junk foods and junk drinks contain lots of sugar or salt, both of which are harmful to health.

As for drinks, I think it is an over exaggeration about drinking coffee, being bad for health. Maybe I am biased on coffee as my main drink is black coffee. There is no doubt that green tea is better for health as it has cancer-fighting properties. Definitely there are two things that we can agree on; and that is clean water is good for us, while too much alcohol is bad for health. By the way, I have an alkaline-water making dispenser. This is another controversial subject, drinking alkaline water. I also wrote an article on this topic called “Is Alkaline Water Or Ionized Water (Kangen Water) Effective”.

Health supplements are important in aiding good health. While it is important that we consume nutritious foods, we may still be missing out on some essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, many health supplements can boost our immune system. Generally, these health supplements support our health, and by staying healthy, the risk of getting cancer is reduced. I, myself, is a firm believer of the effectiveness of health supplements. I have written an article on this, “Essential Health Supplements To Maintain Good Health”. Please make sure that you buy these health supplements only from reputable manufacturers.

Here Is Good Health To You

I hope you benefit from reading this article. If you have excellent healthy genes, congratulations. You will most likely live a long and healthy life. However, I believe that we still need to take good care of our health, especially when one is over 50. I take good care of my health; and I hope you will too. This article "How To Stay Healthy For People Over 50" will interest you if you are over 50 and are searching for some tips on staying healthy.

Please take good care of your health. It takes much effort and discipline to keep a healthy regime. But the end results are well worth the time. Be happy, be healthy!

Copyright © Justin Choo. All Rights Reserved.


The information provided in this article is sourced from the internet, from friends and contacts, and from personal experience. This article does not claim the information provided is totally accurate and reliable. The purpose of this article is merely to share health information which I deem useful.

You are therefore advised to consult your registered medical physicians as a matter of due diligence.

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Nutrition and exercise for cancer risk reduction


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      Nice article. You have highlighted all the good and bad things to eat and drink. I must use my juicer more often. Thanks for all the good advice.

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