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How to reduce excess stomach fat

Updated on March 16, 2009

Can’t wear tight T-shirts?

Do you pull in your stomach when you talk to your colleagues as if you have a flat stomach?

Getting irritated when you stand in front of a mirror? In fact, sometimes wondered who the hell is?

Come on… Don’t worry… Read on…

We have come across so many people who tend to lose confidence because of a reason: Potbelly.

Yes, it is really harmful that may reduce your confidence too…

We are damn sure that this information will definitely pave way for people who say YES to the above questions.

Why to waste time then…Let’s start the action now….

Reasons – Why does my stomach grow?

Although this question looks silly, it really has a meaning in it.

Most of the people believe that this is due to improper eating or lack of exercise. There are other reasons as well:

1.) Hereditary – Just think of your relatives, roots., if they had same issue

2.) Late night eating – Do you have a habit of having your dinner and immediately go to bed. Then this also adds value to your belly :-).

3.) Work tension – We can generally say this as ‘Stress’ – a main cause which destroys your posture.

4.) Gastrointestinal problems – This is nothing but an improper digestion.

Above mentioned causes are only major causes.

Can I reduce my stomach fat?

Yes. Of course. Why Not?

But, generally people have a mindset that I will starting working out (exercise, diet, etc.,) before one week of my trip, function, party, outing.,

No…then this is not a permanent way…


Solution - How to reduce belly fat?

Though you follow below mentioned ways, you cannot expect your belly to be invisible on the second day you start working out. (If you can do that, please suggest me :-) )

But, we are sure that you will find a noticeable difference and say WOW to yourself within a WEEK of time. Cheer up!!! And read on….

We can hear you saying “What is this? Simple solution to this is reducing what you eat….That is it. My belly is gone….ha..ha..ha”.

No...You are wrong.

Heavy dieting is the worst option to try to reduce your stomach fat. This leads to lack of vitamins, reduce metabolism in your body, reduce your energy and puts you down.

Never ever skip your breakfast. This will not reduce your stomach fat.

No Large meals:

Eat several meals a day instead of two or three LARGE meals. Because, you will have very less time to get hunger. Always eat nutrient rich meals.

No Snacks:

Avoid eating snacks, oil items.


Drink more water, this keep your hunger down and also helps in good digestion.

Exercise – Only permanent solution

1.) Jogging – You can jog for 2 to 3 kms. Slowly increase the distance.

2.) Cycling – If you are bored of jogging, you can opt for cycling.

3.) Walking fast – This doesn’t mean cat walking. :-) Walk fast, cover 2-3 kms. Slowly increase the distance.

4.) Bending –

     a.) Bend your body down, try to touch the ground without bending the knees.

     b.) Slide your body, try to touch the knees sidewise.

5.) Jumping – Jump as high as you can. Try to reach the sky :-) You feel cheer energetic, fresh.

6.) Dancing – Get into a room, lock the door, play your favorite rock song, keep the volume up, rock on. This also has an added advantage, you learn to dance :-)

7.) Abs – Rest down, relax, try to touch your leg fingers now.

Below are some of the videos which we felt best.

How to maintain flat stomach?

Reducing stomach fat looks is easy, but it is difficult to maintain it. Because, most of the people give up doing exercise and forget lose control when they look at ice creams.

Even if you eat more you need to work out more. Remember that.

Only way to maintain your stomach flat is to continue your work outs, have healthy food.

Which is the best way to reduce stomach fat?

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      Abhishek 17 months ago

      Its Really Amazing excercise

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      ashu 3 years ago

      really its a good one for me... its a good idea

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      abi 3 years ago

      Sr i am suffering from ulcer. But my belly is incresing within 2 months.. I think it is gastero intestinal problem. How to reduce my stomach..

    • profile image

      sus 3 years ago

      It is useful to me...thanks

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      king 3 years ago

      waste tips

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      pradip deb, sbi 3 years ago


      For good idea

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      rekha 3 years ago

      ys now I vl try

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      safar 3 years ago

      thank u fr ts I am 22 .my wait is 64.i want to reduce it and also my belly thk u

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      william 3 years ago

      juat read. i will do my best and practice.

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      anitha 3 years ago

      very nice tips it was very useful............

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      gracii 4 years ago

      I lk it....thnks for advice i kno it will b hard bt am determined to win over my belly

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      kunal dJ 4 years ago

      yeaH....i will surely follow it .......let's try one tiMe

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      emmily 4 years ago

      its usefull to us who r fat

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      Natwar Jangid 4 years ago

      It is useful to me...thanksssssssssss

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      achu 4 years ago

      wanna 2look

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      sangay 4 years ago

      i cant give up my 3 times meal better i will start exercise.

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      Pawan Kumar 4 years ago

      It is too much good for reduce stomach,

      Thanks for it

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      ashiq 4 years ago

      Thanks for information

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      parthiban 4 years ago

      please suggest me how to reduce tommy

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      now i am start , after i say result

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      Javed 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot for information.

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    • profile image

      Akhil 4 years ago

      hmm... Nice tips...

      Guys it will really help you a lot...

      I followed it for two months and I almost flat...

    • profile image

      Megha 5 years ago

      I'm 16yrs old i hv gud shape n flat belly but ma hands r tooo fat plz gv me sum tips????:-(

    • profile image

      fatso.. 5 years ago

      im 14 and i really wanna lose weight but i m a bit lazy and doin exeercise infront of y parents is a bit embarrassing. pls give more tips. thnx

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      tungujapamella 5 years ago

      tungujapamella,my question is about sugars,do they add fat?and my comment,thanks i will try out the procedure.

    • profile image

      Deepak bali 5 years ago

      I will try & hope it will work

    • profile image

      komal 5 years ago

      i want to reduce my belly

      i am using treadmil regularly for 40 mins but there is not any f effect on my tummy plz sugest me smething new that it should work in less tme

      does cycling reduces belly fat?

      plz mail me at

    • profile image

      syed-chennai 5 years ago

      Very Good tips , Sure I will try to do

    • profile image

      Khan afshan. 5 years ago

      Well , I m so tense about my belly fat. But looking at your tips raised a hope in me. I will start doing it from today and i hope it will work out.


    • profile image

      sukansha 5 years ago

      thanks i hope it will really work out

    • profile image

      Rose jay 5 years ago

      Your way of explaining is wonderful, it really gives confidence to those who are having a feeling of inferiority complex due to this potbelly. I hope it works for everyone.

      Where there is a will, there is a way.

      Expecting to give a good reply in return after practicing all the ways you have advised.

    • profile image

      nandkishor yeram 5 years ago

      its nice all world

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      Swetha 5 years ago

      I Hope it will work out,.. Let me try it out for 1 week:)

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      NAVYA 5 years ago

      THANK U

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      pinki 5 years ago

      we need to your help please suggest me the best way to reducing the my stomach.

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      Daniyel 5 years ago

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      shahil 5 years ago

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      magreth kennedy 5 years ago

      am a mother of two kids, can the exercise help me to reduce my bell?let me try and watch the out come

    • profile image

      Kummi 5 years ago

      I want big belly,,,,,,

    • profile image

      anbu 5 years ago

      run cycle or go with legs

    • profile image

      Trizah Kainika-Kenya 5 years ago

      Really.......!!Can't wait to weigh at 65kgs and have a flat tummy......,will be back with results after trying your tips......!!

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      sonal 5 years ago


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      Shramana Saha 5 years ago

      i am 13 ....recently i am willing to loose some weight .......hope it will work

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      Rana Bapodra 5 years ago

      Fully agreed

    • profile image

      Pawan 5 years ago

      hi, My name is pawan and my stomach size is 40 and i want to reduce my stomach, and i am doing exercise everyday at gym since 2 months, but i don't see any big difference in reducing, to inform you i am drinking whiskey everyday, and my diet is less for a day, but i can not stop drinking the whiskey everyday, kindly suggest me what should i do.

      please reply me on ""

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      gurjeet ghotra 5 years ago

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      how i reducce my belly

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      mos 5 years ago

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      riya 5 years ago

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      Asif Naiem 5 years ago

      Hi frndz

      As i think physical workout is very necessary for every one. so now just do and see the difference i n your body.

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      Y V RAMANA 5 years ago

      Thank you for your guidence

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      Jothi 5 years ago


      i have excess fat in my stomech and loose breast how to tight my body, plz mail me

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      Naresh 5 years ago

      Thanks for your suggestion

      I think this process will be helpful for all persons

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      Piyush 5 years ago

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      Taniya 5 years ago


      I go tired and my thighs and neck ache on doing this or any abs. Am I so week or this is normal for beginners?

      I was a very thin girl and just now put on some decent weight. But along with it, I got a small tummy too, as an additional package. :(

    • profile image

      Gladys 5 years ago

      It is a good suggestion .Thanks a lot

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      cruel stomach 5 years ago


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      prahlad upadhyay 5 years ago

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      Holy Saint Michael 5 years ago

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      arul 5 years ago

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      Dream girl 5 years ago

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      Somu 5 years ago

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      venkatesh 5 years ago

      OK i believe it to be true and i want to start exercise from tomorrow onwards

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      sunil 5 years ago

      THANK U VERY MUCH.....

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      indhumathi 5 years ago

      thanks 4 your ideas but as a college girls we need some more easy ways to reduce the tummy

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      shubhamtiwari220 5 years ago

      Eat less is only a way

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      xavier.dsouza 5 years ago

      iam a 36 years old iam 44 inch stomach pls suggest me my mail id

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      But we have to follow up these.....

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      CAT steve 5 years ago

      dont eat chapathi and walking more effective on fat ..

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      Maryam mas'ud 5 years ago

      It seems useful, hope i'll maintain the exercise. Thanks

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      Kavitha 5 years ago

      This tips every one knows!! But it's difficult to maintain daily;-) gv sujjestion other Thn excersie plzzzzzzzzz.....

    • profile image

      google 5 years ago

      Wake up at 3 'o' clk daily and take jogging atleast 25 to 27 kms and eat 24 bananas after dinner after that dont forget to drink 7.5 liters of milk it will show result by next day morning.

    • profile image

      Subair Deen 5 years ago

      Exercise is the best way i saw the changes

    • profile image

      surajsen 5 years ago

      after dinner sleeping to avoid was use full for me

    • profile image

      surajsen 5 years ago

      after dinner sleeping to avoid was use full for me

    • profile image

      yuvraj 5 years ago

      just control yourself to eating junkfood,but remember one thing drink lot of water it will help to reduse your fat.get sleep on time minimum8 hrs ,stop to lazyness,think possitive yes i can that.and do your crunching and situps only.........success will not so far from you..

    • profile image

      suniti 5 years ago

      walking early in the morning and healthy diet helps a lot to loose tummy fat.

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      celly 5 years ago

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