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How to reduce mental pollution

Updated on August 30, 2012

We are surrounded with innumerable material things, which magnetize and attract us constantly. There is an overload of information so that it becomes difficult for us to decide which is correct and which is not. Every day we come across so many ideas and concepts which perplex us. Our friends and peers confuse us with their views. A large number of commercial ads about so many things in the media cause a mental confusion. All this makes difficult for us to make proper choices. This results in mental pollution.

The individual choice is highly respected as a freedom that each of us enjoys and wishes to retain. Our physical, mental and emotional choices impact directly our physical, mental and emotional health. They impact each other also as they are interlinked.

Our mental environment, the world in which we live with our minds, needs to be free of damaging thoughts and destructive toxic ideas. The mental environment has no boundaries, which consists of complex hodgepodge of influences caused by our choices and reactions. Our sense of awareness helps to regulate our mental environment by avoiding negative thoughts and toxic emotions.

These steps will help-

  • Keep the mind clear of any unwholesome thoughts and ideas.
  • Our positive mental attitude allows positive moods and happiness. Read good quotes. Read spiritual articles.
  • The matter which we read, or listen to, must be of good quality material and provide a healthy variety of information that we can digest
  • The mind is naturally made for activity as our body is designed for movement. It requires disciplined thought to channel our mental abilities into constructive intellectual works and endeavors.
  • We need to be free of stress to allow natural mental processes to function freely. Mental relaxation and meditation offer refreshment even more pleasant than deliberate relaxation of the body muscles to relieve strain. Following a regular exercise schedule not only relieves stress but is also good for general health.
  • Deep breathing is important in order to oxygenate the blood and brain.However, we need to keep our minds functioning freely through good relationships and mental exchange of ideas and thoughts with others, which could be seen as mental ‘breathing’ that is, both taking in ideas as well as expressing our own thoughts.
  • Vitality and creativity are clear indicators both of good physical and mental health. We need to keep up our mental interests, creative hobbies and enthusiasm for good and healthy living.
  • We need to enjoy shared wholesome mental interests with others in a friendly and harmonious climate sharing similar ideologies.
  • Encouragement is an important requirement in order to enjoy good mental growth and self confidence. The support or encouragement extended to you by family, teachers, friends and associates has a tonic effect. We benefit a lot when we are surrounded by loving and happy people and influences.


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