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How to regrow hair: Is it possible?

Updated on June 11, 2013

Men and women who are suffering pattern baldness (technically referred to as androgenetic alopecia) are probably confused from receiving a multitude of tips on how to regrow hair. After visiting many websites and forums dedicated to hair loss, it's become clear to me that there are two predominant procedures in regrowing hair:

  • block dHT (i.e. Procerin, Propecia) and
  • revitalize follicles (i.e. Rogaine, laser hair combs)

The first is dHT blocking as done through the use of medicines such as Propecia. The second is through the revitalization of hair follicles as accomplished by Rogaine or laser hair combs. Rogaine and minoxidil are topical solutions and have been FDA-approved for close to two decades. Propecia and finasteride are ingested medicine and have been approved by the FDA since the late 90's. The third and recent FDA-approval is the HairMax LaserComb by Lexington International.

Types of Male Pattern Baldness
Types of Male Pattern Baldness

Blocking dHT to regrow hair

Believe it or not, both men and women have male testosterones. Some of these testosterone convert to dHT through a natural process. In pattern baldness for male and female, dHT shrinks the follicles in the scalp overtime. The shrinking follicles become restricted in their abilities to grow normal healthy hair. Eventually, these affected follicles will not be able to grow hair at all. It is the sensitivity of hair follicles to dHT that is passed on from one generation to another through genes.

Propecia for blocking dHT

In the late 90's, finasteride was being used for prostate cancer treatment. Apparently, dHT also has an adverse effect on prostate growth. And it was discovered that in small amounts (1 mg), finasteride was able to grow hair for subjects with male pattern baldness. Further studies yielded that the level of testosterone in the subjects rose because dHT did not form.

Today, Propecia, the branded name for finasteride, is marketed as a leading dHT blocker to regrow hair. Propecia was approved by the FDA in 1997 as a prescription medicine for hair loss treatment. These come as hair regrowth pills or tablets to be ingested by patients.

Natural hair regrowth using Saw Palmetto as dHT blocker

Another treatment claiming to block dHT comes from saw palmetto trees. This plant-based product is marketed as a natural hair regrowth treatment for hair loss with less side effects than the drug-based finasteride. There are claims of clinical studies that support saw palmetto's ability to reduce prostate cancer. It seems that the claim for hair loss treatment come from inferences by it's supporters that dHT is being inhibited while saw palmetto is reducing prostate cancer. Saw palmetto dHT blocker comes in the form of pills or tablets.

Herbal remedies like Procerin contains saw palmetto as one of the ingredients in blocking dHT.

Revitalizing hair follicles to regrow hair

Another possible way to regrow hair is to revitalize shrinking hair follicles. Those that are already dead or dormant are not likely to be brought back.

Rogain and minoxidil for hair regrowth

Rogaine and minoxidil are designed to revitalize follicles affected by dHT. When applied on the thinning areas of the scalp, active ingredients in Rogaine make their way from the scalp surface to the follicles. The tingling sensation indicates the revitalization of follicles. The shrunken ones are enlarged, increasing micro circulation of blood for fuller growth of hair. Of course, dormant follicles are not affected.

Hair loss solution using Revage 670

Using laser hair growth therapy

Along similar principles, but very different procedures, is laser hair growth therapy. These are typically used in laser hair therapy clinics where a patient is scheduled for an appointment and sits in an apparatus for a period of time with the laser device on their head. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.

More recently, HairMax LaserComb was approved by the FDA for hair loss treatment. Unlike the large apparatus seen in laser hair clinics, this hand-held laser hair comb can be used in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room. It is designed in the same manner as the large laser hair products, only portable.

In contrast, the video above uses a Revage 670 to cure hair loss on a woman. It's a large apparatus that's available in hair treatment restoration center using low level laser therapy on the scalp. Check it out.

Stem cell to cure baldness?

The Germans have been researching stem cell to cure baldness. Could this work? Remember, according to the Shamwow guy, "Germans always make cool stuff."

What's better way to regrow hair?

It is worth noting that the two methods seem to be diametrically opposed. In one hand, the dHT blocking method seem to say that hair loss comes from a chemical reaction within the human genome and can only be solved through chemical manipulation. On the other hand, the follicle revitalizing method seem to indicate that it is possible to overcome the effects of natural chemical reaction (shrunken follicles) through the direct manipulation of the affected components (nourishing/enlarging the shrunken follicles) and grow hair. Either way, the proponents of each side are able to produce clinical evidence backing their claims. But the jury is still out on which hair loss treatment is better.


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    • jaymelee23 profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      Great hub.. lots of useful information.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i started lossing my hair when i was 15yrs old!i am now 20!i cant really take embrassment anymore!plz help me


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