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How to remove acne scars - Revitol Scar cream.

Updated on September 20, 2014

Revitol Acne Scar Cream

Studies have shown that acne scars are a cause of anxiety, loss of confidence, embarrassment and stress amongst both men and women of all ages. And if you're a fellow acne veteran with a few (hopefully just a few) unsightly and unwanted battle marks to show for, I'm writing this for you. In this series I'm going to review all the many treatments out there that claim to remove acne scars. I'm going to talk about the pros, the cons, the costs, the efficacy - everything that I can think of, and everything that you need to know to make an informed decision on which treatment you should go for to remove your acne scars permanently and effectively.

Let me begin by saying that I'm not a skin specialist of any kind. I'm just the average guy who, like countless thousands out there, suffered from acne and was left with acne scars as souvenirs as a final act of morbid humor by the devilish microscopic bacteria that causes acne. I searched hundred of hours on the internet, I asked a plethora of people and I used a product or two myself - and this hub, one of many, was born.

As the title of the ' Hub ' suggests, this hub is going to review the topical treatment for acne scars called ' Revitol Scar Cream '. We're going to be talking about what if offers, what its made of, what the probable side-effects are, how much would it cost and whether it delivers on what it promises or not. Additionally, as I'm conscious of the many hundreds (sometimes thousands) of our hard earned money we've squandered on acne products we thought would give us a glowing, healthy and scar free facial skin, I'm going to review only those products who have so much faith in their abilities that they come with a money back guarantee.

Onwards to Revitol Scar cream then :

Introduced only recently in 2011, the Revitol scar cream is produced by the manufacturers of Acnezine - one of the most effective, economical and natural acne treatments out there. With the introduction of a scar removal cream, Revitol, hopes to provide its users with the ultimate treatment to get rid of acne scars effectively.

Ingredients : A good acne scar cream should contain ingredients like natural acids which would dissolve the scar tissue and yet be of the correct type and concentration to not irritate the skin. Revitol scar cream, the manufacturers claim, is a blend of all natural ingredients that will fortify your skin with vitamins and proteins to help reduce the appearance of scars and provide protection from new scars being formed. As I understand, a 100% natural blend insures zero side-effects.

Side-effects : I couldn't find a single source that didn't reiterate how none of its thousands of users have reported any significant side-effects. I had the pleasure of talking to and reading material written by some of its users and all of them were unanimous in their belief that due to its 100% natural ingredient composition, none of them experienced any side-effects. Not even the normal drying or flaky skin that many acne sufferers would come to expect any acne related product to exhibit. In fact, it thoroughly moisturizes your skin and drastically aids the regenerative capabilities of your largest organ.

How long would it take : I dunno, there really isn't any way to put a number on it that would suit everyone - so I don't know how long it will take but if all the testimonials written by its users are anything to go by, it will work for you. Some users have reported significant diminishing in as little as 4-6 weeks, others at a little over 2 months and yet there are those with significantly severe scars who saw results in as long as 6-8 months. So depending on where you stand relative to that, make an educated guess yourself. But again I say....all the happy customers having benefited from this treatment, suggests that you'll benefit too. Just be patient.

Cost : A single jar of Revitol Scar Cream costs - $49.95. But, depending on the severity of your scars, you obviously may need more than a single jar. To that end, Revitol offers 2 additional discounted deals :

3 jars - Buy 2 and get 1 FREE - $99.95, I'd recommend going for this if you've got shallow scars that can be classified being of low severity.


6 jars - Buy 3 jars and get 3 FREE - $149.95, If you've got severe acne scars or scars caused by surgery or injuries, go for this option.

Revitol wants you to benefit from this product and are trying to mitigate as much of your risk as possible by offering you a 90 Day Money Back guarantee on their product.

Does it work...?

I suppose there is nothing better to gauge the efficacy of a product then to get to see its results. I found these before and after photographs from a good site with a lot of additional explanation, so its definitely worth checking out :


I hope you found the hub informative. If so, stay tuned (too much radio does that to you) for the next chapter in this series.

Good luck.


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    • profile image

      amit 2 years ago

      I went revaitol scar cream plz

    • profile image

      Shumila 3 years ago

      Where are the buy in Saudi Arab

    • profile image

      Ningthar kashung shimray 3 years ago

      i'm 21 i have many scar of chicken at my hold body. Can you help

    • profile image

      prasad 5 years ago

      iam suffering from last i year and iam through to many dermatologists,she gave me tablets and creams and it left me with scars all over my face i have been into tear all this 1 year i want a real solution so iam hoping this revitol will work.

    • profile image

      sa 5 years ago

      hi hi saw this nice

    • profile image

      Rita Spicer 6 years ago

      I just purchase 3 jars of revitol scar cream. I'm hoping for the best. So many tears! I'm in my 50's and have used every product out their from peels to microdermabrasions. I had a severe chicken pox's on face with cystic acne. The pain is tremendous!

      Thanks for the pictures but I wish there were more. There should be a lot more!