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Remove Dark Spots : Pineapple

Updated on January 18, 2017
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I like to share information that makes life more joyful and meaningful. My main interests are health and general wellness in body and mind.



Pineapple, Beautifully Cut

Remove Dark Spots : Pineapple

I live in a tropical country; hot and humid. The weather is “home” to exotic tropical fruits, many of which most of you living in cooler climate would not be familiar with. Take for examples, durian, mangosteen, rambutan, duku langsat, dragon fruit, chiku and nutmeg, just to name a few. But this one for sure you know, pineapple. What has pineapple got to do with "remove dark spots"? Fair question. Please read on.

Pineapple was not my kind of fruit before. I used to have bowel problem whenever I consumed pineapple. Then one day I decided to include a piece of pineapple in my fruit juice concoction. Two things I realized; it had a lot of juice and it tasted most delicious! It certainly made my fruit juices sweeter. To my surprise, I had no problem with my bowel! Pineapple became a regular member in my fruit juice combination.

Then one day while I was typing on my keyboard, I noticed a “pleasant” appearance in the skin texture of my lower arms. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The skin on my lower arms used to have dark blemishes, little dark spots scattered all over; a sign of ageing. Some call them "age spots". Actually, they didn’t really bother me. I took another look at my arms, and to my surprise the dark spots had disappeared!

I couldn’t find any answer to this new discovery. After some deep thinking, I think it’s the pineapple!

Not The Perfect Skin, But No More Dark Spots Or Age Spots. Remember, I Am Past 60.

Another view of my left arm.
Another view of my left arm.

Look At The Photos On The Right, No Dark Spots

I took the 2 photos of my left arm, by holding the camera with my right hand. They are not very sharp because I took them at close range and the cheap camera couldn't perform well.

I can assure you that my right arm is also clear of dark spots or age spots.

Remember, I am past 60. So the photos have nothing to shout about, except no more dark spots or age spots!!

Different Varieties Of Pineapple


My Juicer And The Pineapple Pieces For Juicing


Remove Dark Spots : The Perfect Pineapple

Pineapple is a good source of manganese as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin B1. One cup of pineapple a day will fulfill 73% of your body requirement of manganese which helps strengthen bones and tissues. Pineapple contains a mixture of enzymes called bromelain which helps the rapid healing of wounds and also helps reduce swelling caused by arthritis, gout, and sore throat . Bromelian has been found to help suppress coughs and loosen mucus. More important is that bromelain shrinks tumors and also prevents cancer from developing.

Apart from bromelain, present in pineapple are other micro-nutrients that experts believe can protect against cancer. These micro-nutrients also break up blood-clots and is beneficial to the heart. Pineapple juice also kills intestinal worms and relieves intestinal disorders. It also stimulates the kidneys and helps remove toxic elements in the body. Due to its high vitamin C content, pineapple is good for oral health as well. Pineapple aids in maintaining good eye health and helps to protect against age-related eye problems.

Pineapple : Additional Information

The area closer to the base of the pineapple has more sugar content and tastes sweeter and has a more tender texture. To help reduce inflammation, eat pineapple in between meals. If eaten during or after meals, the enzymes will be utilized for digesting the food.

Pineapple has been thought good for heart conditions as pineapple reduces the time to coagulate the blood. As such, people with haemophilia or with kidney and liver problems should avoid taking pineapple.

What about this gem to be happy?
''Following a diet which contains foods rich in naturally occurring serotonin will improve your mood, leaving you energised and in a state of harmony and wellbeing,''

(See link below)

Don't say I didn't tell you; but I am no doctor. So think for yourself!

For the last part, I would take pineapple with a pinch of salt! By the way it tastes better with a pinch of salt, really!

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Link to happiness

According to a news report, eating sunflower seeds, bananas , pineapple, tofu, spinach, chicken, asparagus and cottage cheese may help you feel good.

Don't believe?  You can CLICK HERE to read further.




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