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How to remove dust particles from your eyes

Updated on July 28, 2016

There’s nothing good to experience about getting dust or foreign particles in your eyes. The experience often leaves us with burning sensations, redness and irritations in the eye. Most of the times we are immediately rubbing our eyes, but in this way, we damage our eyes. But if proper techniques are followed, one can easily get the dust out of their eyes without damaging your eyes

Thoroughly Insect your Eyes:

Before you decide to use your hands near your eyes, always wash it with mild soap and water. Keeping hands clean will ensure that you don’t get more dust and dirt in your eyes. It is important to clean your hands properly and do not rub your eyes, since it can scratch your cornea. Also keep your eyes away from sharp objects like cotton swabs and tweezers.

Stand before a mirror and check where the object or dust is located. Check the lids, the cornea and conjunctiva, also don’t forget to check the insides of the lower and upper eyelids. Also check to see what type of object it is, whether it’s makeup, dirt, an eyelash etc.

Splash your eyes with water:

You will see that as your eyes feel the presence of a foreign object, you will see that automatically it will release tears and try to clean out the object by itself. If after a few while your eyes still hurt and you feel that the irritant is still present, take a little water in your clean hands and splash your eyes with it. Once you’re done it a few times, pat dry your eyes with a clean towel and see if the irritant has gone away.

If you feel that the irritant is still there, you can definitely use water again but don’t overdo it.

Moving Eyelids around:

If splashing your eyes with water does not help, try moving your eyelids around and pull the upper eyelid on top of the lower on and try to roll the eyes in the upwards direction. The dust particles of other irritants will fall out.

Visit Eye doctor:

When all these techniques are useless and you still feel that your eyes are feeling irritated, try taking help from professionals. If your eyes seem to feel irritated, a doctor can help get the irritant out. For large foreign bodies or articles like glass or metal, that might accidentally enter the eyes, it’s best to visit the doctor immediately or go to the nearest ER.


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