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How to Self-motivate When There is Nothing Motivating?

Updated on July 26, 2012

Stiff daily challenges at workplace and in socials and failure to overcome them may be tough sometimes leading to deep depression, self-appraisal decrease and generation of a complex of inferiority!

While some people need strong external motivators and stimuli to channel their efforts to their solution, I am convinced that one of the most secure ways is to rely on your own motivation and imagination to welcome the challenges and benefit them.

Positive Fix

Regardless the complexity of the situation and its consequences, just remember that positive fix is the right route that predetermines appropriate approach, preconditions favorable results and leads to sometimes mutually beneficial solution. For example, you have had a severe dispute with your boss regarding your promotion, who doesn’t think your professional qualifications/experience is sufficient for promotion. By thinking constructively you will learn to truly assess your beloved yourself and ferret out your strengths and weaknesses! If your judgment is unbiased and objective, you know your actions! If you truly believe that your outstanding performance is not recognized and underestimated, then remember the best employers will definitely recognize it in no time! If the title you’re striving for is the one that will put another brick to your success wall, go for it with a thought in a mind, “What is in it for me”! At least battling and nurturing a faith for a better future produces a huge amount of adrenaline and brings about positive feelings.

Favorable Environment

Look around your room, your workplace and at least the locations that are at your disposal. Does it need a complex renovation/reconstruction? I heard you echoed “Yes”. However, what minute elements can be added or changed in your locations to please your eyes? Believe me or not, trivia do make a great difference! Fresh seasonal flowers on your table, colored abstract paintings on your old gloomy walls, or funny photos that bring smile on your face and warm memories, some feng shui elements and ornaments, accurately compiled documents that are scattered around your desk. It took me two days to invite my insolent muse to my surrounding since the environment I wanted to write was not sufficiently motivating and thrilling! It turned out I needed a cleaner table (freed from disgusting documents, 100 sticky notes, 100 cups of coffee and water), Keiko Matsui’s music, earphones and no breathing creatures around. Or if you are having a temporarily depression of lack of desire to work, keep in mind that this job played a significant role in shaping your recognition and financial security. As Ernest Hemingway once quoted, “Work and only by work a man is great”! If you’re still demotivated, list the options of changing the situation (your employer, your desk, your colleague, etc.) with setting tangible goals and developing directions. Trust me everything is possible.

Crazy Company

Are you surrounded with people you enjoy their company? Are these people ready to laugh with you, provide a shoulder to cry, make crazy things with and for you? If yes, this article is not for you J Positive encounters, peers and friends will keep motivating you with their ideas and make your gloomy life brighter and better. Don’t miss any open-air concerts, jazz operas, rock and pool parties and short trips. Delightful meetings and gatherings ensure crazy company and secure high level motivation. Once I read in an article that nothing makes people closer than doing crazy things. Trust my experience! That really works! For example, my cousin and I once bet to run around the hotel with bubbly green masks on our faces in the middle of the night! Don’t ask what mess happened next!

Learn to Learn

The greatest motivation is the perception of steady progress through career ladder and recognition of this progress. Experience adds value and makes you wiser, but learning new things and acquiring knowledge is truly motivating and adds your self-confidence and professional credibility! So pursue any opportunity to gain knowledge and keep learning!

Look Around, You Can’t Help Loving This World!

Ultimately, look around! We live in a world of wonders! Isn’t it magnificent when you track the Milky Way in the dark sky and realize that these diamonds above your head are suns in a universe! Isn’t it breathtaking when you wake up in the morning to see the cotton bluffy clouds sail along the azure sky and see the early sun and the late moon one at the same time? Isn’t it a great feeling when you see people laugh? Moreover, it will be a doubly fantastic feeling when you will be the author of these smiles, when you start believing that your magical being has a special mission: make the world a better place to live and enjoy your own triumphs!

You can be your best friend, and your best enemy! It’s your choice to decide!


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    • Armenian profile image

      Armenian 5 years ago from Armenia

      Thanks a lot for inspiring comments!!! There is always a hidden energy, a kind of self-protection mechanism inside yourself that helps revive your drive to live on and ability to enjoy the life!!!

    • Swinter12 profile image

      Swinter12 5 years ago from Earth

      I definitely need to work on being more optimistic and self - motivating myself for more than a couple of days, or hours.

      I really enjoyed your last point - so simple to be blown away by the universe, yet I tend to forget about its wonders.

    • Math help online profile image

      Math help online 5 years ago

      I liked it.I often i fell very disappointed and demotivated,especially when i am alone i fell these more. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing.

    • Armenian profile image

      Armenian 5 years ago from Armenia

      Thanks a lot! That's indeed motivating!!!)))

    • Peanutritious profile image

      Tara Carbery 5 years ago from Cheshire, UK

      I loved this! So often we are bogged down with our own problems and fail to see the beauty around us. The advice you gave was spot on . I love to do things that frighten/exhilarate me like paragliding or riding on roller coasters! Surrounding yourself with positive people is another one. Voted up!

    • tanyasays76 profile image

      tanyasays76 5 years ago

      ...or people like me can just read articles like this and ALREADY have a smile on our faces! Could you BE any more motivating on paper? Great article. I feel great already just looking forward to doing the little things. Thanks :)