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How to slow down in your life - stop missing all those precious memories.

Updated on July 5, 2011

Wil you take a moment to slow down?

Stretched out on my easy chair tonight just letting the last month or two roll vividly by-

-simple memories for my enjoyment that usually present themselves in full color unplanned and unrehearsed. Moments of time racing across my minds eye like a star burning through the nights sky sharing its last second of light. Balls of laughter and tears unraveling in such brilliance I wonder how I sat so comely in the actual moment as my mouth drools in remembrance-

-people presenting themselves to me, sharing their lives with me, opening up to me, and letting me share who I am too.

-the risk involved in being in relationship with people, the vulnerability and fragility of walking across the glass sea that separates our lives is always worth it. Unless you cross that unknown moment how can you remember moments like:

  • Conversations with people at coffee shops as we cross that great divide from stranger to friend.
  • Phone calls to long lost friends simply amazed we both are alive and can laugh again together.
  • My oldest daughter Paloma flying to LA living a moment of her dream, watching and helping it become more and more touchable to her.
  • School plays watching my daughter Chloe' sing and play the flute coming more and more alive with each tick of time.
  • My youngest daughter Paris given up her pacifier and learning to speak slowly steadily.
  • Basting a turkey dinner and watching it cook slowly in the oven feeling the heat on my legs and smelling what will be a feast for days.
  • Hearing the news of my sister and brother in laws new baby breathing her first breath and just a few fragile weeks later sharing Viviana's first Christmas season with dark chocolate M&M's, cheese balls and battle ship games.
  • Stepping out and becoming a life coach professionally and seeing results in peoples lives with each passing week.
  • Hanging out and talking, texting, emailing so many beautiful people that its hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that they are all in my life.
  • Coming home after a week away to a house with dirty dishes still in the sink, pets who have peed on the floor and an inbox so full it takes you half the night to shovel it out.

It doesn't take long for any one of us to jump on the road of life and end up several miles in a journey before catching a breath. It doesn't take long till what we value and hold dear to our hearts has full control of our actions and reactions. Letting life overtake you can be so rewarding if you choose the things that overtake you.

But without this moment on the easy chair to slow down and let these memories sink in, let them become part of my value set, I might get a little too busy to stop and enjoy the next perfect moment, or the next chance meeting, or even the next simple breath of this beautiful life.

Yes even with the crying baby, the car in need of fixing, the bills in need of paying, the goal in need of action, or the pain in need of healing - the beauty is in the unknown. What's just around the corner, or over the hill, in the next room or in the mirror.

Have you taken the time today to just slow down? Have you taken the time to let the dirt from your shoes fall to the floor and let yourself become refreshed by the moments you've just let come into your life. The people, the places, the smells, the disasters, the failures.

Try it you may find an answer you've been looking for. Or at least be able to have a blog to post.

- Todd

Rose blooming - enjoy


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    • saintodd profile image

      saintodd 6 years ago from Suffolk, VA

      Thanks Brian. I appreciate the post. saintodd

    • BrianS profile image

      Brian Stephens 6 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

      It is a great idea to slow down, relax and enjoy the world we live in occasionally. A very personal insight and a great Hub.