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How to Spot a Suspicious or Cancerous Mole

Updated on July 20, 2016

The sun is very much a part of our everyday life. It provides warmth, helps our flowers grow, and allows us to do daily activities outside. The sun is very much a necessity of life, but with this benefit can come some dangers.

Skin cancer is nothing to take lightly, because if it goes untreated it can spread throughout our body and result in death. If we spot skin cancer before it spreads, and we are aware of what to look for, than we can prevent this from happening.

Skin cancer is not prejudice when it comes to who it decides to infect, and it can happen at any age, race etc. It can affect anybody, anyone, even if it is not in your genetics.

What to Look for

Being a single mother of twin daughters, I can’t just up and take a trip to the dermatologist. For one it is expensive with my co pay, and for another my schedule is so busy with the kids. I’m going to make this easy for you. Let me first begin by saying that moles can come in any colors and shapes, and you can have many or just a select few.

Dark and Odd-shaped Skin Moles

One of the first things you need to look for is a mole that begins to darken or change color. Good healthy moles are the same color throughout, so if you have a mole that is two different colors than you want to get it checked out. Healthy moles are normally round, but if you have one that is odd-shaped like asymmetrical than you definitely need to go to the dermatologist.

Raised or Bumpy Skin moles

Look for a mole that is raised or bumpy. Healthy moles are completely flat. Make sure you brush your finger over the suspected mole to feel its texture. This could also be a sign of skin cancer if you have a raised mole.

Blurred edges could be a big sign that you have skin cancer. Normal healthy moles are round with no blurred edges.

So let’s do a recap.

Warning Signs

  • Raised moles
  • Moles with blurred edges
  • Moles that have changed color
  • Moles that are weird shaped (asymmetrical)
  • Moles that grow

If you find any one of these moles than you need to contact your dermatologist immediately. Skin cancer is not something that should be taken lightly. My grandmother had later found out that she had skin cancer on her face and had to get a skin graph done because they had to remove all-out the infected skin. One small little infected mole can have roots- which means that the doctor might have to remove a fairly big portion. Honestly you would be surprised.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Moles

The first thing you need to do if you suspect a cancerous mole is to first see your dermatologist. Treating a cancerous mole the natural way will not get rid of the skin cancer. Believe it or not, but there is several ways to get rid of an unsightly mole the natural way. One of the ways is to use liquid nitrogen-cyotherapy. This is the same stuff to get rid of warts. You want to continue to use this for up to six or seven weeks till the mole is completely gone.

You can go see a dermatologist and get the non cancerous mole painfully removed thru surgery or you can use the natural way. The natural way is to use a baking soda paste. You do this by mixing baking soda and castor oil into a fine paste. Soak some gauze or cotton balls in this mixture and tape the soaked material on the mole. You want to leave this on overnight, and repeat till the mole is gone.

Another way is to crush a clove of garlic or used minced garlic and apply directly to the mole. Cover this again with gauze and tape overnight. Use a fresh bandage every night till the mole is gone. The only downside to this particular method is the fact that you will smell like garlic. The good news is that you will keep vampires

Apple cider vinegar is another inexpensive way to treat the mole. Potassium is the active ingredient in this- which breaks down the skin of the mole. Do this every night till the mole is gone.

The last natural method I’m going to inform you about is Coriander. Believe it or not but you can grind this down, add little water to the mix and leave it on for approx 12 minutes. Eventually the mole will fall off.

If you don’t have the kind of money to see a dermatologist, or don’t simply have time than use the natural remedies. These natural methods have been tried and tested, and they do axially work. Get started on those pesky skin moles today.

How to Treat the Mole if You Have to Get It Surgically Removed

For one only used the subscribed ointments, medicines per your dermatologist. Don’t think that you know more than the doctor and start using Neosporin. Make sure you keep the wound covered to prevent air getting to the mole and to prevent any dirt or debris getting into the mole and infecting it.

You want to make sure you clean the wound twice a day. Watch the stitches if you have any and make sure they are not infected or unraveling. Last but not least make sure you follow up with your dermatologist to ensure that everything went well.

Double check my above list before it's too late.


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    • profile image

      Kaylana 3 years ago

      A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for conrgibutint!

    • Obreinfamily profile image

      Obreinfamily 3 years ago from florissant

      I guess the question is whether or not you have seen a dermatologist to diagnose the mole as cancerous first. Second if you have any mole on your stomach- allot of times the mole will stretch as the skin stretches. Kinda like a tattoo. Just because you are pregnant- dosent mean your moles stop growing...

    • profile image

      xxx 3 years ago

      Does cancerous moles grow bigger during pregnancy

    • Obreinfamily profile image

      Obreinfamily 3 years ago from florissant

      I would definitely get this checked out. Just because its a mole- dosent make it cancerous. It sounds like it has deep roots which can be common with moles.

    • profile image

      marlawilljn 3 years ago

      Several months ago I noticed a small grayish looking, what I thought to be a scab of some kind. I picked it off and didn't give it any more thought till a couple of days later I noticed a mole in the very same spot. I left that one alone, thought is was kind of odd but didn't feel concerned. Within just a few days it had raised and it continued to raise slowly. I was keeping an eye on it to see if it ever changed, well it fell off about 2 weeks ago and there was another one under it. It was like the one below it had pushed it off. The new one is starting to raise now. Any thoughts on this? Have you heard of this type of mole? I do have a doctors appointment to get it looked at this week. I came across this site while trying to google information, so thought I would just ask. Thank you so much for your time!

    • Obreinfamily profile image

      Obreinfamily 3 years ago from florissant

      If it is not irregular in shape or color- this is what you want to watch out for. It is common to sometimes scrape a mole when they are raised.

    • profile image

      Enzo 3 years ago

      i don't know if i scraped a mole but its just tiny like a dot and it raised and no color. is it ok? or am i just over reacting it?

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 3 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      This is a very informative hub. I always try to go the natural way and learned of some new natural ingredients. Thumbs up.

    • Obreinfamily profile image

      Obreinfamily 4 years ago from florissant

      This would be fresh Coriander that has been grind-ed down. I hope this helps..

    • profile image

      uxmum 4 years ago

      by Coriander do you mean fresh green coriander leaves or dried Coriander seeds?

    • profile image

      person 4 years ago

      not all raised moles are dangerous....

    • Obreinfamily profile image

      Obreinfamily 4 years ago from florissant

      You can spot a dangerous mole quickly by looking for:

      Raised Moles

      Blurred edges Moles

      Moles that have changed color

      Moles that are weird shaped (asymmetrical)

      Moles that grow in size.

    • profile image

      JJJJ 4 years ago

      Is it effective on slightly raised moles?