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How to stay healthy during the colder months

Updated on February 22, 2018
Stay Active even during the winter months
Stay Active even during the winter months

How to stay healthy during the colder months

There are limitless ways to stay healthy during the colder months these include eating right, exercising and getting adequate sleep. But everyone knows, that when it gets cold outside things change like our bodies. For example, the people that would normally go outside for a walk or run for their daily exercise are now either forced to stop or try to stay healthy in other ways. During the colder months, people don’t hibernate like animals although I am sure that we all would like too, that is not the case.

When the winter months, hit there are limitless things that happen, with your health. A cold can hit, or the things that you used to do when it wasn't cold will stop like your exercising, because hey the winter is here I don't need to workout and eat whatever I want because it doesn't matter what I look like in the winter. But that isn't the case if you want to stay healthy, you have to continue, your workouts in the winter if you want to stay healthy throughout. Sure there are warm unhealthy drinks you can have, but do you really need them? You want to keep your blood pumping to keep yourself warm so why not try and stay healthy during the colder months, Or if you drink the unhealthy drinks, always make sure you are having water as well in order to flush out the bad things in your body.

It is true that like animals during the colder months we can’t lose weight as easily. If that is your goal to start working out in the colder months, the reason for this is because, our fat cells are there to keep us warm, right? Yes, that is true. Why not try working out anyway. Here is an attribution from a friend of mine who is a fitness instructor in the Leamington area. According to Jen fox who is a fitness instructor in Leamington you can still work out during the winter months, when doing your workout outside, wear layers, and have lots of vitamin C and vitamin D., Good sleep, and healthy eating. When it is too cold outside why not use a treadmill, or use workout videos that you have at home.

Some health tips from another friend of mine who is a fitness instructor, include finding body weight exercises, also if you are going to work out during the colder months or any month for that matter make sure that you make it a ritual. Don’t start something and not finish it, because then what is the point in that. Staying healthy is not all that hard to do. You just have to make a point of doing it as I have mentioned earlier, in the post.

Eat Soup in the winter you will stay warm and healthy if you eat it
Eat Soup in the winter you will stay warm and healthy if you eat it

Stay Warm In the Winter and you will stay healthy

Most of the time during November through sometimes March, it is sub-zero outside, or cold enough to freeze your muscles up. Does that mean that you don’t work out that day? No that just means you figure out a different way to workout. Everyone knows how to get online and find workout video’s on YouTube, or you might even have workout DVDs or video cassettes of your own at home. Try using those, there is no reason you can’t work out during the coldest of the month there are just other ways you can do it, and you might have to change up your schedule a bit.

For example, I walk everywhere, even during the colder months if I can help it. If I can’t walk places, I make it a point of doing other stretches to keep my flexibility up. I am also in the process of starting my own workout regime before the end of the month, by using Zumba I think using Zumba will be a great benefit to me physically and mentally. This program is used when you use the contraption called the Wii, there are many different things you can use to workout inside rather than having to outside. Why not investigate the possibilities, and see where that takes you.

Once I start doing my workout I will come back and write another post detailing the outcome of it and how it is making me feel. To stay healthy during the winter months is not to give up your workouts, eat healthily, and keep your workout happening the same time every day or every two days, you do need rest day’s in there or else you won’t be able to walk. But don’t give up on your workout’s just because it is cold outside, you can still workout during the colder months as I have mentioned working out is limitless no matter what type of whether it is you just have to figure out what works for you. Never forget, that you can go to a gym for a day or two and get your work out in during the colder months.

Staying healthy can be limitless but I know that when winter hits we all want to give up and curl up under the blankets and hide, hey if the animals can do it so can we right? Our health doesn't matter in the winter, but that isn't true, our health does matter sure you might have to change up your workouts but do it you will feel so much better if you keep it up throughout the winter months. Don't give it up whatever you do to stay healthy. The more you do to stay healthy during the colder months the more you will want to continue it during the warmer months as well.

Staying healthy during the colder months is limitlessly staying on track with good eating habits and working out. If you work out that is when you do that you will stay healthier during the colder months and you will be a lot happier when you have to go outside in the cold weather. Eat healthy during the colder months don't go into a hibernation and think you can eat crappy foods just because you can cover up in big sweaters and jackets. Staying healthy can be done limitlessly during the colder months as well as the warmer ones so never forget that.

Stay Healthy in the Winter
Stay Healthy in the Winter

My thoughts on how to stay healthy during the cold months of winter

Staying healthy during the winter months can take a limitless amount of time. Especially when you go outside because you have to cover up so much that only your eyes will show if you don't want to get cold anywhere else. Also eating the proper foods and drinking warm liquids when you do get cold to keep your body warm. Instead of just using blankets and sweaters. These are just a few of the limitless things I think can be used to keep a person healthy during the colder months of winter.

Let's discuss how you stay healthy during the colder months

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