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How to stay out of Cold by Skin Rubbing this Winter!

Updated on November 24, 2012

Strengthen your Skin, and keep it Healthy and Shiny

Prepare one or two rolled towels. Towel will be fairly wet after being dipped into water and squeezed. Medium size of towel will be fine. This exercise could be something like a sponge bath, but you need to rub the skin with a little added strength.

The area you need to rub will be arms (upper and lower), body (chest and ab), shoulder, neck, and back.

Start rubbing the area of hands with a wet towel, 10 or 15 times gently but with enough power, so that you feel a warm heat in the skin. Then, do the same in lower arm (front and back). Upper arm will be next. As you rub areas, the towel will be getting dirty. You need to wash the towel and squeeze the water out.

This will produce the effect of exercise as well. You need to rub left and right Chest, lower left and right ab. You want to cover all areas without omitting, and you will now feel a lot of warmth in all over your body and arm.

Next area will be a back. This area will be tough to reach, so I recommend to use a long wet tower to rub up and down. You may need to wash a towel again because it will get dirty.

As you rub your body, you may have some sweat because of physical effort you are putting. This is O.K. and you want to just clean up your brow and face with a wet towel. You feel you skin is getting clean and shiny, and getting stronger. It will promote circulation and keep you feel fresh.

If you have a time, I strongly suggest you to rub your thigh and legs area, too. Your entire body will be well- circulating and you will have a healthy and strong skin. What a multiple effects you will get: exercise, clean body, strong/shiny skin, and mini-bath. (Note. You can do whole these with a dry towel. Try it).


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