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Forty going on twenty: how to stay youthful in your forties

Updated on May 13, 2016
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I’m Gracie, a Freelance writer from Ajax, Ontario in Canada, I write on politics, health, sports, animals, social issues and spirituality.

A Natural process

Ageing gracefully! Easing yourself gently into the forties! I am all for it...after all growing older is inevitable and a natural process; it is also synonymous with acquiring wisdom, maturity, understanding - and yet so hard to accept, isn't it?

Each new wrinkle, a new grey hair, the appearance of crow's feet next to your eyes, slowing down of metabolism, difficulty in keeping off those extra pounds (specially around the tummy!). More seriously, the nagging aches and pains which make you think your body is giving up; your family doctor recommends additional health tests at your next physical, because "you are now in that age bracket".

But more seriously, the drawbacks of aging include a sense of not being in touch with the latest technology, not seeming to care about the new fad, or what's doing the rounds on the social network - and generally falling out of synch with the rest of the world. Don't get me wrong, these are not necessarily terrible things; however they serve to keep you connected with others.


You can look young

But I do believe, that you can age gracefully (read that as not having to resort to Botox, plastic surgery, face lifts, tummy tucks, colouring your hair defiantly - although there is nothing wrong with the idea of colouring your hair. ( Its just that hair colour contains harmful chemicals which could lead to some dangerous medical conditions...but well... that will be another hub!). It is completely possible to remain youthful in body, spirit and mind and remain engaged, motivated, keen and be an inspiration to the next generation.

You can have a youthful mind and body...

Keeping your skin healthy

Invest time and adopt a daily cleansing/hydrating routine for your skin. This is so important - daily cleaning will ensure your skin is free from pollutants, chemicals, harmful foreign bodies. It will be able to breath! Remember - no soap on your face and neck and only mild soap on your body. Preferably use a gentle cleanser and exfoliator (there are lots available in the market); using an exfoliator on the body is great too. By the way - if you can switch to natural remedies - even better! Try brown sugar and lightly scented oil of your choice as a scrub - this is awesome!

Healthy foods...

Dark green Kale makes a great ingredient for a fresh salad
Dark green Kale makes a great ingredient for a fresh salad
good source of Vitamin A & C - strawberry
good source of Vitamin A & C - strawberry

Eat well - balanced meals

Adopting a balanced diet is the key to vitality and radiant looks! Yes, I know its hard and a bit boring to stick rigidly to all five food groups - but honestly eating healthy can be fun! Try the various food sites and watch food shows to incorporate key food groups easily and tastefully. I personally went from 'only lettuce and spinach salads" to "kale in raspberry dressing, mango and spinach, water melon and feta, garden mix with strawberries and almonds. Don't be afraid of trying new foods; dig around - there 's plenty to suit everyone.

Cut out the excess

At the risk of sounding boring and humdrum, I will say this - cut out anything that's not needed. Examples - sugar, salt, excessive spices, oils, fat and yes, even red meats, processed breads. Try adding whole grains, leafy greens, fresh fruits, lean meats - switch to fish, if you like it. Needless to say - substituting junk floods like chips, sugary snacks and yes - pizza and burgers with wholesome, fresh vegetables and foods goes a long way in promoting healthy habits and in eating well.

Keep moving!

Exercise is key to remaining agile and free from creaks and cramps. Ever feel as though getting up is hard, stretching your legs brings on sudden cramps(aargh!), your body begins to ache in the most inconvenient places - those joints, knees, back. Sudden dips in energy levels, sudden blues - oh yes; so common as you begin the journey on the other side of forty! There is great news, however - regular exercise can prevent these symptoms from appearing. Do anything you like - try running, climbing, walking, skipping rope (this is my favourite as it gets the heart pumping), try flexibility training, Pilates, yoga to tune the body and the mind, invest time in weight training - this will boost up your energy levels. If you enjoy dancing - I can recommend Belly dancing, Latin dancing, Zumba! Try a game of basketball, or soccer, or tennis! There is no dearth of activities - just get moving!


Key Benefits of exercise routines

Aerobics activity
Weight training
Abdominal stretches
Skipping rope
terrific anti-ageing food!
terrific anti-ageing food!

Abundant goodness of the hot, chillie!

  1. Packed with anti-oxidants; one small chillie has thrice the amount of anti-oxidants present in a fistful of blueberries - guess what? They are a key source to fighting the process of ageing!
  2. Fights infections and reduces inflammation of the digestive tract
  3. Aids metabolism by burning fat - it helps to lose weight!

There are many more benefits of the little chillie, these three actively assist in maintaining youthful looks and a healthy body!

"I don't mind getting older; if I could look and carry myself like you!" - this young twenty something wasn't just referring to an older woman's fresh looks, she make reference to the lady's enthusiasm, agility, awareness and also the fact that she truly was ageing so gracefully!


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