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How to Succeed and Unemployment. Real Extended Benefits.

Updated on January 10, 2014

Does our employment determine the splash we make in life?

I say no. It is our passion that defines us.
I say no. It is our passion that defines us. | Source

Unemployment is a bitch. But.

We all need extended benefits. We all are fearful of losing our job and becoming unemployed. And yet it happens and it sucks. Or does it?

I am not too proud to admit that I have been unemployed. I am not too proud to admit I have lived much time below the poverty line. And we now live paycheck to paycheck and a huge percentage of our income goes to insurance. In fact about 3/4 of the amount we pay for housing goes to health insurance. So there goes half our income per month and the IRS takes another quarter.

On unemployment and aid we put more money in our pocket per month.

(in my case those are the bad months but I am really self employed and my company ebbs and flows, lately I have more outstanding IOUs than actual income, life is tough but I stand by my people and we will weather this storm)

Are you aware?

Would you be happy unemployed?

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Back to unemployment benefits.

I am sure most of you think I am talking about a government check when I say "unemployment benefits". That is very sad. What I speak of are the benefits of being unemployed.

Think of a farmer in a cold weather area. What does he do 5 months out of the year? Think of not so long ago teachers with 3 months off a year. Think of tour guides at Yellowstone during a harsh winter.

They are unemployed. Think of the retiree and know that she is unemployed. Quite literally in my business I have days where I have no work to do.

What do all of us do? Perhaps someone who is statistically unemployed can learn from us.

Is it possible to look on the bright side or will you just throw your shoe at this article?

I got passions

I write for a living and I cajole or brow beat people into accepting the best of the worst scenarios. I am finishing a business plan for an EB-5 investment, just wrapped up a complaint to hold a cell phone driver to punitive damages for an accident caused by such use, and I wrote some stuff on Internet Domain Name transfer fee feasibility and profitability.

But it is Friday and as my 3 year old is conquering the known universe in his sand box I am doing something I love to do and that is write about our concerns as brothers and sisters in this crazy world. So just think that for the moment, I am unemployed (except by my wife) and I am thriving.

I have been denied the gift of making more money, but given the gift of time spent doing something I like and being here for my son.

Sometimes when I am utterly broke I have reason not to do things.

So I break out the shovel and my hiking boots and the damned vacuum. These things take nothing to operate. But they get the job done. Weeds are gone, a great exercise hike is done, and my home is cleaner. It ain't much been then I have my roses to trim and some windows to wash and paperwork to put in order. And a letter "home" or two to write. It is time to be a horse and read a book with the boy and cook spaghetti and about now we need to sit in a bath and really take time to scrub up.

There is no hurry and what we do not get done today, tomorrow is soon enough.

And do not forget I am a job hunting fool and I can see where maybe I sweep some floors and that might lead to a better job and then and then and then.

I find the time to hang up my clothes properly and wash my boy's clothes just right and get them ready for tomorrow. I have time to watch the sunset and the stars rise and go to bed early enough to watch the new day dawn when I awake.

Worry now is the monkey on my back but I have trained him to sit quiet as I navigate my day.

Sadness and woe will not give me back what I had but I have come to see that all that was superficial.

What then would you be?

When we say "just give me a job" do we mean it.

Np we d not really mean it. We lie. We are better than that.

I was about five years old and we had a problem with our septic tank that required a man to go into it and shovel the excrement out. You see we had it in an area a pumper truck could not get to. (bad planning but based on saving trees) My pappy had 2 Phds and an MD in two fields. Emmet worked for us and was a purple heart recipient from Korea. A Creole black man and marine. And my eldest brother was capable.

My pappy jumped into the man hole cover and started to shovel mightily. He clear damn near half that shit before he came out exhausted and held the shovel up and said "who is next?"

Later that evening my dad gave me a question to ask, I had hit a tin can with an air gun pellet rifle at 40 yard 3 times in a row and deserved some respect. So I asked him why the big boss shoveled the shit instead of making other men do it.

My pappy looked real stern at me and said "son, do not ever throw the first fist in a fight and never ask a man to do what you will not do yourself"

I am not a good man. But I will shine any man's shoes and I will do what it takes for me and not the government to support my family.

What was success here?

Let not the trappings of man define you.
Let not the trappings of man define you. | Source


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      We are so rich Theresa that we need to take stock constantly as you do. You remind us often of what is truly important.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 

      4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      All points well taken. Our society makes too much of money and of monthly financial security...but there are other values and needs and joys in life. Your essay and the first comment above exemplify the. How wonderful. :) Theresa

    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Life Brian, is in you, and you have the courage to share it with us. Let us never again be "employed".

    • Brian Prickril profile image

      Brian Prickril 

      4 years ago from Savannah, GA

      Money is the biggest false God that I know. I've spent decades killing myself in a factory working seven days a week 8, 10, 12 hours a day so that my marriage could be a happy one with plenty of money. I was miserable and drank constantly. My marriage was completely broken and almost failed. I derailed and ended up in a jail cell. A long stay in a jailhouse can teach you plenty, if you've got any brains. I had a spiritual experience there late one night that changed my life. I was enlightened and now I know what's truly important and what's crap. Today I fully understand the benefits of unemployment.

    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Now that is what I call extended benefits! Very similar story to ours. Only we dove straight in and had that little boy. I am no longer a stay at home dad as he attends pre-school which he just loves and thrives at. My doctorate and about a buck will buy me a cup of coffee.

    • VVanNess profile image

      Victoria Van Ness 

      4 years ago from Fountain, CO

      What's funny is that I have been "unemployed" for the last 5 years. At the start of the recession, my husband and I became unemployed with much of the rest of society in the United States, and we were not some of the lucky ones to once again find another job.

      All I have heard from each and every place I have applied to in the last handful of years has told me that I was either overqualified, underqualified, or not qualified in the right area. I cannot obtain a position from the highest to the very lowest of possibilities, even with a Doctorate in Education. lol

      So I am now a full-time writer. I write certification programs, books, and even articles for HubPages. It turns out, though it makes a heck of a lot less money, I am a thousand times happier than I have ever been.

      I get to stay home with my two beautiful labs, I get to write like I've always wanted to, and I finally have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom when it works out for us. I never thought I would be happy being unemployed, but I think it just takes getting used to. lol

      Voted up, useful and interesting!


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