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Top 10 Tips to Overcome Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Updated on January 5, 2015

A bit about me

I am writing this Hub as someone who experienced severe morning sickness for 3 months of my pregnancy and tried everything. Morning sickness is considered to be your bodily response to the increased hormones in your bloodstream. The most important thing to remember is that it can happen anytime of the day and not just in the morning. It can also last a day, a month or in rare cases the whole pregnancy. Roughly 35% of women have morning sickness during pregnancy. Please note it is me in the picture during the early day of pregnancy- the man at the top of the profile is my husband who writes by far the most articles!

What you can do

There are so many potential cures it is essential for you to think about what best will suit you and your circumstances. If it isn’t serious, you’ll probably want to try the easier, cheaper or lower grade ones first. I have tried to put them in order of intensity/ cost/ ease as a guide but this is only based on my own experience.

  1. Get up slowly- if you get up quickly and rush around your body won’t be happy, understandably!
  2. Get plenty of sleep- this includes naps if you can, this is so important when you are pregnant anyway but really important when you feel nauseous
  3. Drink plenty of water or clear drinks throughout the day. Avoid caffeine.
  4. Eat a little on waking up- many women are sick very shortly after waking up. This might be as hormone levels are so high eating a little rights this. Something like a plain cracker, digestive biscuit or banana were recommended to me. This did not work for me but it works for the majority of women with morning sickness providing they find the correct foodstuff to suit them
  5. Take some ginger syrup or eat ginger biscuits- ginger is considered to be especially good for sickness
  6. Eat little and often through the day avoiding spicy/ fatty foods- heavy/ spicy/ fatty meals are less agreeable to your stomach and so are more likely to be returned! It is really important to eat what you want, when you want it and you can’t go wrong.
  7. Avoid strongly scented food and drinks as strong smells heighten nausea
  8. Avoid stress- ha, I know it is difficult, but it will assist you in relaxing
  9. Wear travel sickness bands- these can be purchased from the local chemist or similar. These use magnets and may help with the sickness or to lessen the effects
  10. Work out what sets you off- the smell of garlic really made me bad or bad breath! Work it out for you and try to avoid whatever it is and it could make the world of difference.

A Helpful Little Video of Extra Tips

What if it gets worse

Morning sickness can make you feel really unwell but you can eat something at some points in the day even if it is just bread and soup or something reasonably plain and you can sip water and keep it down for most of the day. It's important that you try to work out what triggers it for you so that you can maximise these things to stay healthy. If it persists or is causing you suffering you must discuss it with your midwife and/ or doctor. Even if you don’t have an appointment for a month you should go to see them to discuss it. Don’t ever feel like you are bothering or inconveniencing anyone, it is what they are there for. Morning sickness can be serious and can make you very ill especially due to dehydration. It is rare but it does happen. If you ever blackout, feel faint or can’t keep anything down (water especially) for 24 hours you must seek professional help immediately.

However, always remember it will end and it will be worth it! Even those with the most severe cases of morning sickness will find it ends within a day of having their baby. And that goes for heartburn too! Heartburn and morning sickness combined can make the morning sickness feel significantly worse so do treat the heartburn and try to minimise it or you could end up feeling very miserable unnecessarily.

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