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How to Tame Your Inner Emotional Beast!

Updated on January 8, 2017

How to tame your inner emotional beast!

Firstly what is this beast all about?

Simple, it is that wild and rebellious inner feeling from within that wants to get out and tell the world what they are feeling and what they want! It is a beast derived from loneliness, depression, sadness, frustration, boredom. It can be the suppressant of one’s true needs and personality that wants to come alive again! It can be positive and negative depending on it being a light or dark beast.

What affects can occur with an inner beast being unleashed?

A positive beast unleashed can make you feel yourself again. It can be just what the doctor ordered to align you in your mind, body and spirit. Your true self. I.e. - You love to sing but you have gone months without practice or even listening to music, what consequence is that having on you? Simple it is suppressing a passion which can cause irritability, boredom and not living for anything that can bring joy to your life.

Let’s take another example here. Say you absolutely hate what you do in life, your work but you have responsibilities and you are stuck. You may unleash negative beasts on everyone you cross paths with, or you hold it within and suffer in your own torment and silence. That is the dark side of not having a proper balance in your life.

Top 5 tips to taming your beast!

1. Let it venture out slowly- Don't start screaming at someone because you are so fed up with them or alternatively fed up with the fact that you can't find love in your life or a connection to happiness anymore. Start expressing your feelings instead, that way you won't need to blow up and explode. The secret to taming the beast from within is to have a more gentle approach, learn to take a deep breath and then acknowledge your feelings. That gives you time to understand what is happening to you!

2. Understand your beast- What are you suffering from within? what are you suppressing? What are you doing that makes you feel so miserable from within? What are you missing out on? What do you really want? Ask yourself some of those questions so you can understand how to take the steps to change your inner feelings of torment.

i.e. - Why did I get jealous seeing my friend talking to someone else? Could it be that I like them romantically? Could it be that I feel left out? Could it be fear of loss? Could it be that I have not been expressing myself and now I am really annoyed at myself, beating myself up over it?

i.e. - Why do I feel trapped? What has made me feel this way causing me to get angry? depressed, and sad, frustrated with the world? Why is there nothing to make me feel happy right now?

3. Remove emotional toxins- Remove yourself from the person or environment causing you to feel these emotions in the first place! Remove thoughts of hurt held on from others passing on negativity to you, release all of this stuff because that beast is eating that negativity for breakfast and hurting you internally!

4. Slow steps- Note down some ideas on paper on how to change how you are feeling. Start introducing activities in your life that make you happy, work less, budget to pay for bills, learn to find ways that your kids aren’t nagging you all day long by finding out how they can amuse themselves. Think of your emotional needs and wants again. Learn the lesson behind the rejection, not that you are not good enough, but perhaps why they are not your match anyway and you will get better opportunities come your way.

5. Start expressing- Being able to express to others or even yourself about how you are feeling and what is happening to you from within can help to prevent any blow ups from occurring.

Good luck on taming that beast or learn to unleash it to have limited consequences. Start feeling better because that is what you deserve, only the best!


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      Leena 9 months ago

      Thanks, much appreciated.