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How to tell if you need to take vitamins

Updated on September 5, 2011

Diabetic Friendly food

Diabetic Friendly food
Diabetic Friendly food | Source

here's a quick test to see if you need vitamins

Have you ever asked, "Why should I take this supplement?".”. You might want to take the following quiz to see if you might need to take additional supplements. Are you eating a minimum of 3 fruits and 5 vegetables a day? Every day?

2. Are you only eating organically grown foods?

3. How frequently do you eat nuts, seeds and legumes?

4. Are you consuming whole grains such as brown rice, millet and quinoa?

5. Do you totally avoid foods made with white sugar or hydrogenated fats?

We find that most of us, if we are honest, do not eat as well as we should on a daily basis. That and along with the diminishing food quality puts us at risk for vitamin deficiencies. Conventional farming techniques (including pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics) reduces the amount of actual nutritional content of fruits and vegetables and grains.

Long term stress has been implicated in many chronic conditions. As cortisol production is overstimulated by chronic stress; we find that the metabolic rate increases and the depletion of vitamin and mineral reserves in the body.

Even if you are one of those folks who works stringently at eating perfectly; you still have to deal with water and air purity issues. Don't overlook the effects of what we put on our skin such as hairspray, deodorant, lotions, make-up and perfume. In brief, we live in a toxic world. It’s unavoidable.

We find that free radical production is part of our body's metabolic processes and is in response to environmental toxins. Don't forget that free radical damage is associated with aging, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Don't forget that anti-oxidants will counteract the damage brought on by free radicals. We find that anti-oxidants can be found naturally in fruits, cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli); as well as many herbs and green tea. We can't eat the amount of anti-oxidants we need from food alone; it is just too much food and would cause a weight gain problem. The fact is that this makes taking supplements a neccesity not an optional thing.

Taking anti-oxidants are only a part of why supplements are necessary. We find that enzymes are also a critical factor in metabolism. To digest our food properly as we get older we need to supplement with enzymes. For the vitamins and minerals we do get require enzymes to complete the work of metabolic reactions.

Digestive enzymes break food down, cellular enzymes act to produce energy, enzymes turn genes off and on. Enzymes can activate hormones and repair tissue. In short, without enzymes, we could not live.

Initially, a good supplementation program will include a multiple vitamin and mineral support. In addition to that, specific nutritional needs can be added depending on your situation.

In any case, taking vitamins is not an excuse to eat poorly and hope that supplements cover up for you. If you eat well most of the time, plus take a multiple vitamen supplement - you will be doing the right thing.


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