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How to tell the potential value of aloe vera products

Updated on May 13, 2010

Is the answer yes or no?

Be sure your aloe is 100% pure aloe
Be sure your aloe is 100% pure aloe

First you need to ask youself... can I be sure if the aloe vera product can substantiate the potential? There are several ways to do this but none are 100% fool proof.

One of the sure fired ways to gather the information would be, ask to see the data. If they are serious contenders in the aloe vera industry, they should be willing to show viable clinical data, with literature, company website and professional references.

Another method of determining the efficacy of an aloe vera product is to talk with the health professionals, chiropractors and herbalists. Because of the mainstream use of aloe vera products used in the health profession...for a number of conditions …the practitioners usually have an effective product they use with their patient or client applications.

Even price of the aloe vera product can prove to be the third determining factor and an effective indicator of the product potency and efficiency.

Although there are many vendors of aloe vera who will charge a high price for some, unfortunately “watered down” impotent aloe vera product, you can be sure that no one can sell a cut rate efficacious pharmaceutical grade aloe vera product …this can’t be done. There is really no way to cut rate the product because of the high cost of growing, processing and proper formulating of a stabilized, organic sound, potent, and sterile product to ever sell it at a bargain or discount price.

With that said, if and when you find an aloe vera product that has a price lower than the cost of the other aloe’s on the market …there definitely is a reason for it. Always remember, potency comes at a price.

That leads us to the fourth and perhaps a viable means of determining the value of a truly effective aloe vera product and that is by way of word of mouth. However, the word of mouth recommendation should come from a reliable voice, someone from the health profession or someone professionally qualified in the industry of wellness products.

One thing must be clear when evaluating an aloe product. Even though it is common knowledge among aloe vera growers and processors of the plant...that all aloe vera juice must be stabilized (preserved in its natural state) to be safe.

Aloe vera further must be pure, uncontaminated and unadulterated. Yet despite the fact that aloe vera is a vegetable juice, some aloe vera manufacturers claim that they have found a way to preserve aloe vera without preservatives! The common question is, does that make any sense at all?

The reasoning being, aloe vera is no different than any other vegetable juice. If it is sold at room temperature, in plastic or glass containers, then it must …I’ll repeat …it must have preservatives added to it or it will rot just like any other vegetable juice. And like any other vegetable juice, aloe vera can be sold refrigerated, frozen or even in vacuum-sealed cans or containers without the use of preservatives. But lets get real, that is not how it's being sold at the present time.

So don’t be misled into believing that pure 100% aloe vera juice juice can be handled, stored and sold at room temperature without the use of FDA approved food grade preservatives. It can’t. A future article will explain this in full detail. Until then, know your supplier.


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    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 7 years ago

      Chaser ..thank you for your comment. I am glad you see the importance of what I am trying to get across. Most people do not even think of the content in a product. Because water is not harmful ..they think that is okay and then as always with price steps in and takes over. They say, "Oh, this product (the one with water added) is less expensive so I think I will buy it. And look how much I am getting for my money!" ..but you see, they are not getting much for their money ..they are getting water and a little aloe. Water is cheap ..aloe is not!

      Good to hear from you ...come back soon best to your health!!

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 7 years ago

      Romper20 ....thanks for stopping by ..and I am glad you found this interesting. Water is a problem with a lot of aloe juice products. When people use such a product (with water added) and don't get results ..they are disappointed and think that aloe does not work after all. But aloe does work and it is important that you find a good aloe with no water added ...along with proper stabilization. Do the research!!

      Thank you for coming and by and please stop by again.

    • profile image

      chaser4 7 years ago

      Hey an aloe user for digestion conditions and immune support...I like your articles...full of good info that's not usually told...keep it up!!

    • romper20 profile image

      romper20 7 years ago from California

      interesting, thanks 4 sharing