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How to Use Reiki Healing Therapy in Daily Life

Updated on February 13, 2022
Reiki treatment
Reiki treatment | Source

How Can Reiki Healing Therapy Benefit You?

Reiki healing can help you in everyday life in the following ways:

  • It can help your body to heal more quickly from injuries.
  • It can help your body prepare for physical exercise and sports or anything else that will strain your body, like travel or hard labor.
  • It can relieve stress and feelings of anxiety.
  • It can help you work through traumas.
  • It can help you become more balanced both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What Is Reiki Healing Therapy?

You may have heard of Reiki. To some people, it is something very mysterious and something that seems like it's made up. However, when you think of it, it is something very natural.

What do you do when you hurt your knee? Most people will naturally put their hands on their knee to ease the pain. This is in essence Reiki. It comes naturally to all of us although we may not realize it.

Another form is the Reiki we perform on others. This happens when we shake hands or pat someone on the back. This feels good and gives energy, doesn't it? Also, for example, when a young child hurts themselves, we naturally go to the child and put her hands on the place that hurts. We might even kiss the spot that hurts and then everything will be fine.

Why do we do this? And what is it that we are actually doing? When we put our hands on places that hurt we are focusing and transferring energy to those places in order to alleviate the pain by neutralizing the negative energy. Usage of hand placing actually goes beyond just the alleviation of pain.

Knowing this, we could say, that Reiki is all about transferring the highest form of energy between human beings.

The History

In addition, Reiki is a formalized and cultivated way of performing these acts of touching and transferring energy. Reiki therapy was founded in Japan by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui (1865-1926). He called it “Usui Reiki Ryoho" or “Usui’s Reiki therapy”.

He intended it to be the way to find happiness, harmony and spiritual growth. So, Reiki is a Japanese word. The meaning of the word is "Universal Life Force Energy." Rei means universal and ki means energy. This is the same meaning is the better known Chinese word chi.

Reiki Grades and Mastery

What makes formal Reiki different from our natural instincts to perform acts of energy transfer, is that it requires the practitioner to be initiated into the art at three different levels. With every initiation, the energy field of the student practitioner is brought to a higher level by a master. At the second and third level, the student is also taught to use special symbols and mantras.

Hand treatment
Hand treatment | Source

How to Use Reiki on Yourself

There is no scientific evidence that Reiki practices actually work. The intention of this article is also not to inspire you to heal diseases like cancer, for instance. However, it does have practical applications in daily life. Let's have a closer look at four practical applications.

A Headache

Put the palms of your hands on the spot where it hurts for 30 to 60 seconds. Just let the heat of your hand sink into your head. Try to relax and think positive thoughts. Put your intentions into it and you should notice a relief of pain and tension.

Stress and Anxiety

When you are feeling stressed and anxious, it can help to put both your hands on your chest. Breath normally, relax and again let the warmth of your hands sink in your body.

More Willpower

We all experience moments that we need a little extra willpower. I mean, should you really eat another cookie? In those moments, try to experiment with placing a hand on your stomach and shake your hand slightly. It makes your body become aware of its center and will help your mind realize what’s really important. Is it the short-term gratification of eating the cookie or is it the long-term health benefit of not eating too many cookies?

Preparation for Physical Strain

We all know that warming up our bodies before doing exercise makes us abler and comfortable doing it. Besides stretching muscles, you can use it to prepare your body for physical strain. A proper preparation will also help your body recover more quickly.

After stretching, you could intentionally slide your hands over parts of your body. Start with your head, move down to your neck, then your chest and back. Continue on with your arms, legs, and feet. Finally, rub your hands, fingers, and wrists. Instead of sliding your hands over your body, you can also tap on your body, either with your flat hands or with your fists. You will notice this will energize your body without getting hyped up.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Dave Tromp


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