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How to use a hand juicer machine to make the best wheat grass juice

Updated on February 21, 2011

A beautiful crop of Wheatgrass

The best wheat grass juice comes from your own kitchen

These days a hand powered juicing machine is just as popular as the electric juicer. In the kitchen, and in fact the entire household, electric gadgets and devices are very popular, but a manual juicer machine has its own benefits. Sometimes of course you are going to be at an advantage to use an electric juicer, for instance if you intend to do large batches of hard vegetables like carrots, but for wheat grass or similar ingredients a hand juicer is really ideal.

The juice that comes out of wheat grass is generally considered to be a super food – with the antioxidants it contains, the chlorophyll from its high “green-ness” and containing many minerals and vitamins, many people are now using it daily as a tonic and drinking it like a “shot” often before breakfast in the mornings.

To make wheat grass juice, simple take your hand juicer and set it up somewhere secure and stable. Most hand juicers attach to the tabletop or to a bench. Get your bowl or glass ready for catching the juice and place it in the correct position according to your juicer manual.

Have the wheat grass ready that you are planning to juice. Ideally these will be three to four weeks old, or around four inches tall, and have not yet branched into a new plant – you want them at the stage when they are still only one shoot per seed. Neatly trim them around the base of the stalks – avoid roots and potting mix residue. Give the shoots a rinse around under a running tap – just a quick swish to wash off any dust from the air that may have settled, then dry them gently by patting with a tea towel.

Now you can juice your wheat grass. Squeeze the grass into a firm bunch and push it firmly into the opening of the juicer where the ingredients get fed in. When your wheat grass reaches the auger of the chute you can start turning the handle. As the handle turns, you will feel resistance on the crank and the wheat grass will start being pulled into the machine by the turning auger. This is good, it’s what you want. Before you know it the juice will start dripping from the place on your machine where the juice is supposed to come out. Keep turning the handle and within a minute or two your wheat grass shot will be ready.

As you can see, it’s simple and easy to make healthy wheat grass in your very own kitchen just by using a hand juicer to make it instead of buying it in the local café. It will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of months and/or years and you will know that what you have is the freshest wheat grass juice that can be had.

Wheatgrass juice ready for consumption


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      donkeymailer 7 years ago

      Good article. Thanks for sharing.