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How to Use Healthy Eating to Control High Blood Pressure Permanently

Updated on May 8, 2015

Some Overlooked Causes of Hypertension

A large percentage of the world’s population are living with hypertension. A great number of this percentage, are not even aware that they have the problem. A candid fact about this ailment, is that you can have it with negligible symptoms, or even feel quite normal for a long time. Yet when left undetected and uncontrolled, it can usher in several more life threatening diseases. The causes of hypertension unfortunately are mostly preventable, with certain lifestyle adjustments. Though the causes, in some cases may differ from individual to individual, due to many factors. Some of the more primary, causes are researched and documented as follows:

· *An unhealthy diet: Our daily meals play an important role in determining how healthy, or unhealthy we are now, and in the future. Foods that are high in calories and bad cholesterol, taken consistently over a long period, could eventually lead to this problem.

· * Stress – when unchecked, long term physical and mental stress can be debilitating enough to cause you circulation problems. Thankfully, the symptoms of stress are usually clear for us and those around us to notice. Sadly, in our fast paced, modern world, the symptoms are often ignored.

· * Being overweight- the two kinds of fat, that causes us to grow bigger than we should, can be a main cause at hypertension. The fat directly under the skin, the one’s coating the muscle fibers, are usually the types we can see outward. These kinds are bad. But not as bad the kind we do not see. The ones that surround the internal organs. These are the ones that can directly cause this problem.

· *Smoking and drinking – alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoke can also contribute significantly to the ailment.

· *Emotional trauma- certain emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety and depression, have been known to easily alter blood flow levels negatively.

The heart and weight connection

Eat right!
Eat right!

How to Control High Blood Pressure Quickly Without Any Medication

Blood pressure medication is usually a necessity for the treatment of high blood pressure. A necessary dependency on these drugs are important for control, especially in the early stages of treatment. But long term and sole reliance on mediation, to control blood pressure can have severe side effects. Other alternative methods of control can be combined to properly control this. These methods are mainly non-medical.

- Exercise a well planned and executed exercise routine, at least four or four times a week, can do a lot to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It even relieves stress considerably.

- Healthy eating: A blood pressure controlling diet can be devised to control this condition permanently.

- Controlling your weight: keeping trim and fat free, always helps in normalizing this condition.

- Abstinence from smoking and drinking alcohol. Though both habits can be difficult to break, success in curbing them can make you healthier in just a matter of days.

Knowing the State of Your circulatory System

Have you checked your blood pressure lately?

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Importance of Knowing Your Heart Health Status

Whenever we need to go for a routine medical check up to know our blood pressure, many of us tend to get nervous enough to put it off.This is not wise.You do not have to wait for the symptoms,because in most cases,there aren't any.

Doing a regular blood pressure check,is a necessity.This is particularly important if you are undergoing periods of extreme stress,be it physical,or emotional.

Benefits of vegetables

Healthy foods for your heart
Healthy foods for your heart

Importance of Health Foods and Healthy Eating to Prevent Diseases

Keep ill health at bay tomorrow, when you start eating healthy today. Health foods and healthy eating, are some of the most important contributors to a lifestyle vigor and vitality.

Unfortunately a large number of people find foods of this nature unappetizing and of little appeal. Most individuals still find themselves reluctant to try.Even when they posses the knowledge that the consistent eating these types of meals and snacks, could make a significant, and positive impact on their health and well being.You couldn't really blame them.We are designed to enjoy what we eat.Food that isn't delicious can get boring, especially in the long run.

The good news is that there are now a wide array of delicious health foods and snacks out there.These foods can temp any palate, and simultaneously keep the mind and body as healthy as can be.The myth that healthy food never tastes good, no longer applies in many cases.

Groups of foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables,fiber nuts,lean meats and low fat dairy produce,will always be essential inclusions in our daily diet.

The important and often overlooked point to note here, is that the full health benefits of these foods, can only be enjoyed when eaten in adequate quantities on a regular per day basis.In other words,you cant eat one or two healthy meals once in a long while and be as healthy as you want.


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