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How to work out your biceps

Updated on September 21, 2011

The name "Biceps" means "two-headed muscle of the arm" which is a description for the dual bundles of muscle that bridge the gap between your shoulder and inner elbow.

Sometimes going to the gym to work on your body can be a little frustrating because you don't get the results as fast as you want, sometimes it even seems that you're getting the opposite efect you wanted... Biceps, are without a doubt one of the most exciting body parts to train. Not only because you'll get results pretty fast when compared to other body parts, but also because they are one of the most exposed and noticeable parts of a man's body.

Biceps are really important in your day to day life, lifting bags, rotating your hands, and many more little things that you don't even imagina.

Also, if you're looking to shape your body up, It's important to have well-defined arms in order to have a well-balanced looking body.

So below, I present you a few videos with exercices for you to build up your biceps. Most of them you can even make at home, so there's no excuse for you to don't do it!

Besides the videos I show you a few great opportunities at Ebay to buy some weights to help you training! And if you want to keep up improving, there's also a list of workout dvd's from Amazon, that you can easilly buy from the confort of your home!

At the end there's a few of useful links with more exercises and lots of informations on biceps!

So, put a smile in your face, and start working out! I want to know of your results in one month, keep me posted! Also if you have more links or exercises for us to do, please post them on the comments section! Thanks

A few simple exercises

Women Biceps exercises

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