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How to workout as a teen (and adults), understanding how it works and many tips to improve your workout.

Updated on November 23, 2010

As teens we are always in the search for the ways to improve our performance and look better, more fit. However, not much help or information is given to teens on how to use programs in the best way to get the best results and avoid any injury. We must take a look at the basics which will help us understand how our body works. Any parent who is reading this, understand, is completely safe for a teen to do something like this and the case of injury is always present in any sport or workout we make.


Ever heard of pills that “boost your metabolism for better performance?” Well here is some very good news to you. Teens are filled with metabolism, we have natural boosts of metabolism all the time making it easier to burn fat and build muscle. Let me explain, metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that help organism stay alive, to grow and reproduce. In other words, since we are growing up we are filled with metabolism to evolve and survive with growth, and yes this is also why teens have such a sexual appetite. How the heck does this help and why do I give a damn? Well there are 2 kinds of metabolism, Catabolism and Anabolism. Anabolism is what we care about; this uses energy to construct proteins and nutrients. Yes, protein, the incredible nutrient that builds muscle. Since we are filled with this it is much easier than an adult to keep ourselves in a good shape only by doing the necessary physical work.


Big appetites and a lot of food relate to teens since during the time of our growth our body needs all the carbohydrates, calories to grow; it needs the nutrients to grow and become stronger and bigger, our path to being a man. My recommendation, if you are hungry EAT, EAT until you are completely full! Then go and workout! Why? Well all this calories, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, etc. is used by metabolism to turn it into… MUSCLE. So here is my first tip when doing any work out as a teen. Eat in healthy way in which you vary your nutrients at least an hour before you workout. When you feel your stomach has settled workout and burn all those nutrients into pure muscle.

Cardiovascular exercise

This is a very important exercise, you must do. Remember all that food you ate and turned into muscle with metabolism? Well sadly not everything in food can be turned into pure muscle. Actually a large percentage of the fat is wasted and deposited in your body building masses of fat that you will never need and will affect you in the future. Cardiovascular workout burns all this fat. 45 minutes of continuous run burns 400 calories of fat. I would recommend running about an hour and a half each day apart from your workout to burn all that fat you collected during your eating time. But there is another way, an even better way and you can take advantage of it, swimming,


Swimming is actually the most complete workout you can get. It works every single muscle of your body and burns fat in a cardiovascular workout, all in one. Take advantage of this, if you have access to a swimming pool swim laps everyday you can, swim for an hour or two nonstop nothing complicated just swim laps. User your arms and legs in an exaggerated manner, and you will feel it burn.

Body Building

There are 2 Ways to build muscle. Your either make it grow or you make it stronger. You can see the difference, if you grow muscle it will considerably grow and become moderately stronger, if you decide to make it stronger, if will be more marked and stronger but it will not grow as much. To grow your muscle you must use big weights and very little repetitions of lifting in large supersets. For example, you would lift 35 pounds with your biceps 5 times and rest then repeat this 5 more times. I you want to make the muscle stronger you must lift less weight and many more reps with a regular superset. For instance, you will lift 15 pounds with your bicep 20 times then rest and repeat 3 times. You should use what you feel comfortable with and will achieve the results you look for.


Try this tips and I can assure you your workout will improve drastically to the best. Please be sure to check out the other blogs that are sure to come soon helping teens to use the P90X program in a way I designed to improve performance and to understand more about muscles and body building check out that blog that will soon come. Thank you for your time I hope all my knowledge helps you for the best.


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    • Elbeto94 profile image

      Elbeto94 7 years ago from Guatemala

      Very true, not only because you are a teen it means you will be in shape. It is always good to keep yourself active in order to maintain a healthy body and to avoid overweight. Thank you for your comment.

    • chenderson00 profile image

      chenderson00 7 years ago from South Carolina

      Great hub! It always makes me happier to see younger adults living a healthy life with an active lifestyle. So many teens and young adults take their health for granted. Sound advice!

    • Elbeto94 profile image

      Elbeto94 7 years ago from Guatemala

      Thank you very much, it's good to know that you liked my article.

    • profile image

      Jonathan  7 years ago

      Good article, keep up the good work. You're on the right path in promoting fitness and health. On top of that you're slowly changing the world.