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How women develop chest muscles

Updated on July 4, 2016
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I am a fitness enthusiast who wants to help people see the benefits of personal fitness to allow people to live their lives to the fullest.

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How often do you work your chest muscles? Do you spend most your time doing cardio, or do you go crazy on the squats? Let me guess you saw one of those magazines with an insanely built woman on the cover and decided not to work the chest right? Well, let me assure you that she didn’t get that way because she worked her chest muscles. Your chest muscles are just as important as the rest of your muscles and should be treated as such; working your chest muscle can be beneficial to your health and your overall appearance. Let’s take a look at some tips, benefits, myths, about your chest muscles as well as some exercises and routines for your chest muscles.

Myth 1 Building my chest muscles will make my chest grow smaller:

A low fat diet will cause you breast to shrink not working out. When you look at women on those muscle mags their chest is small because they have to maintain a low fat diet. This is why it is important to eat a well-balanced diet. What you’re really doing is a building muscle underneath your breast add shape to them, but if you build the muscle under you breast and combine it with a low fat diet then yes, you will see unwanted results.


As mentioned, working your chest muscles has it’s perks; for starters, it helps prevents muscles imbalance. Muscles imbalance will diffidently occur if you work your back more often than your chest. Neglecting your chest will also cause you to be more prone to injury as well as making it difficult to perform exercises and activities that engage your chest muscles. Your chest muscle is great for burning calories better than the other small muscle groups that normally get worked at the gym. Working your chest muscles won’t make your breast big, small, or firm, but it will allow you to develop a noticeable cleavage making them appear bigger. On the other hand, not working your chest muscles will give you bad posture as well as a boney looking chest. In your quest to develop your chest you’ll also you develop nice round shoulders as well as nice triceps (See how it all comes together?).

Myth 2 Building my chest muscles will make my breast firm

Again as long as you maintain fat in your diet you’ll be able to maintain the softness in your breast.

Lets get started

There are some things you need to know before you get started in building your chest muscles. The first thing is a well-balanced diet; when it comes to fitness we always come up with some form of diet, which is good, but that don’t mean to starve yourself. If you have seen the magazine of the buff lady with the flat chest there is a reason why her chest is flat; this is because her diet has little to no fat. In fact, her fat levels are not normal compared to the average woman. So this mean no skipping meals or eating a salad for lunch and a carrot for dinner. You need a well-balanced diet that includes fats. The second thing you need to know is you’re going to need to do more exercises other than pushups. Just like the rest of your muscles, your chest will need a diverse list of exercises to build muscle.

Tip: when working the chest, it’s best to perform compound exercises that work the shoulders, triceps, and the chest.



Pushups are great for developing your chest muscles as well as your triceps and shoulders, but with a few modifications you can target your chest even more. You have the wide push up which takes some of the work off of your triceps and more on your chest as well as the upper abdominals. You get in the pushup position with your hands a placed past your shoulders. You also have the decline pushup which works the upper region of the chest as well as the triceps and shoulders. To perform this pushups, you get in the pushup position with your feet elevated. Incline pushups works the front of the shoulder, the triceps and the pectoralis major.

The bench press

The works the shoulder, triceps, and the chest just as the pushups; and just like with pushup the bench press has a range of varieties

Tip: when hitting the bench press the wider the grip is the more you engage the chest muscles.

The decline bench press

This move requires a unique kind of bench that turns downward where your head would rest. The decline bench press works the chest more than the regular bench press and the incline bench press.

Incline bench press

The incline bench press works the upper region of the chest along with the triceps and the front of your shoulders. To perform this move you adjust the bench to sit in a 45-degree angle with you head resting at the top.

Bench chest flies

Chest flies works the chest and shoulders; you can adjust the bench in a 45-degree angle to also target the biceps. You lay down on the bench with a dumbbell in each side and bring them close together in a control motion and back down by your side in a controlled motion.

Sets and reps
Bench press
3 sets of 8 to 10 reps
90 seconds rest
chest flyes
3 sets of 10 reps
60 second rest
Wide pushups
2 sets of 10 reps
45 second rest
incline bench press
3 sets of 8 to 10
90 seconds rest
3 sets of 10
45 second rest

Myth 3 I can just do pushups and call it a day

To develop muscles your body needs a variety of exercise or you’ll reach a muscles peak. Pushups are fine, but there are different varieties of pushups, decline, incline and wide pushups for starters. Try hitting the bench press as well as trying the incline and decline bench press.

Working your chest muscles is just as important as the rest of the muscles groups. It also offers amazing benefits such as:

  • Preventing muscle imbalance
  • Improves posture
  • A great muscle that burn calories
  • Noticeable cleavage
  • Nice round shoulder
  • Nice triceps
  • Prevents injuries

So don’t let those muscles mags trick you into thinking that you’ll lose your feminine side by working your chest, if anything you’ll be enhancing it, so be sure to add some chest exercises to your routine the next time you step in the gym.


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