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How To Maintain Blood Sugar Control

Updated on July 5, 2016

The More Vegan Eating The Better

Number one, it takes discipline to control anything that can get out of whack especially the consumption of food. People have a tendency to overeat at times. People overeat during their anxiety, depression and other emotional breakdowns. The mindset governs your overall welfare. A higher than average blood sugar level creates imbalance according to studies. The eyes become distorted, dizziness is likely, poor blood flow occurs and the heart is at risk of rupturing. As our bodies age the organs become more conducive to bitter foods and less sugars and even salts. We just must get used to eating more healthy otherwise, our bodies will not last as long as it was made to last.

The Habits of Medication

Medication is designed to relieve one symptom but may be harmful to something else in the body called "side effect(s)." No one, not even the doctor that prescribes the medication knows the other affect that it may have on the body. Therefore, I recommend healing naturally. It may take time for natural remedies to kick in but it takes a little time for them to start working. You can trust them more so.

Many people that take medication take it and continue to eat any foods desired uncontrollably. That is a dangerous thing especially as one gets older. Many of my previous hubs touch on some of these negative issues. It is best to continue taking medications while continuing to eat healthier. The healthier you eat the lesser the medication you to take. Learn to eat plenty of veggies, small portions of fruit, nuts, beans and incorporate herbs and spices.

Stretch and Exercise


Glucose Levels

Essentials Including Herbs

  • Cinnamon

  • Green Tea

  • Fenugreek

  • Magnesium-Rich Foods

Help To Achieve Your Goals

  • Pray to God every morning
  • Let the Holy Spirit help by guiding you on a daily basis
  • Be conscious of whatever you put in your mouth
  • Do not overeat but spread the food throughout the day

The Importance Of Drinking Plenty Of Water

Water is essential to the body. Of course our bodies are made up of over 60% of water. It is an absolute must to drink plenty of water and not to start drinking it when you get dehydrated. Water helps to push out the toxins and waste as well as help to clean the blood. All this information helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels even though levels may automatically rise after eating meals an hour or two.

How Is Your Blood Sugar?

Do you have a problem with blood sugar control?

See results

Praising God Releases A High Energy Flow


Get Your Day Positively Started To The End

Exercise every morning
As early as comfortble
For at least 20 mins
Listen to motivating music
Perform at least 10 deep breaths
Eat at same time each morning
7:30 to 9:30 a.m.
Do not yet listen to the news
Do not answer phone
unless it may be important
Do stretch exercises
Do Yoga exercises
Do not watch TV
unless it may be importantWorkout before children awake
Speak and think positively daily
Bathe in hot herbal powdered water ginger
Rinse off with cool water
Eat same time around noon
Drink plenty of water
Eat same time in evenings

Dancing and Praising Maintains Lower Blood Sugar Levels


The Spiritual Aspect Of Healthiness

The spiritual aspect of healthiness is more than likely the strongest motivation of all. Eating healthy gives us energy to burn and praising God helps to release a lot of that energy especially if overeating was done. We need more of a conscious to listen to contemporary gospel music and praise dancing to it. The Bible says in Psalms You don't need to do a sanctified dance but if you do it is still alright. Other people wonder why some people go off praising God and that is because they may feel blessed and must release the appreciation at time and place or another. It's also a chance to release evil spirits surrounding them. See Psalm 149:3.There needs to be a strong conviction of faith and belief in God, His Will and His purpose for everyone. If a person that is not spiritual then one would at least need to be a positive thinker. The Holy Spirit of a spiritual person guides that person efficiently to maintain perfect control over all matters of life and that includes having the consciousness to simply eat healthy.

Maintain A Scheduled Regimen

It is important to exercise, eat and consume doses of vitamins as well as herbs at the same times, everyday. In other words, take vitamins, herbs and have breakfast between seven and eight. Eat lunch, take second dose of herbs between twelve and one p.m. This is


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 2 years ago from London, UK

      This is very useful. Very healthy hub.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Great article word; sorry I did not see it before. My sugar does rise now and then so it is something I sure need to keep an eye on. ^+

    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 2 years ago from Central United States of America

      I enjoy your cinnamon tip with both coconut oil, and peanut butter on an occasional graham cracker. Additionally, chromium helps stabilize blood sugar fluctuations and it has made a good difference in my life, as has gymnema sylvestre, an herbal that really may be helpful for sugar intolerance. Your praise dancing is a delightful tip also.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      You mentioned self-control, spiritual exercises, herbs and dancing as tools to help control blood-sugar. Along with eating healthy, these are very good suggestions for those who rely solely on medication. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights.

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 2 years ago

      Well directed tone to total healthy body you have set in the opening sentence, 'it takes discipline '... pointing to serious spiritual life " disciple-ship". ( Works in English language.)

      Yes, each everyone of us is a master of own health/soundness destination.

      Almost to the point my lifestyle is listed in your very practical , wisely presented article. . . My family is considering me being extremely healthy, eating right, drinking right, exercising right, speaking right, listening right and after fifty first anniversary of twenty-ninth birthday, my work production is at the age level. Praise the Lord God almighty who is blessing wise with the wisdom as they live by His word.

      Voted up and beautiful.

      peace with us.