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How Useful Is a Dental Appliance for Snoring

Updated on January 8, 2011

How Useful Is a Dental Appliance for Snoring

How Useful Is a Dental Appliance for Snoring

Does a dental appliance for snoring really work? If so, then how does it function? Can a loud snorer rely much on this? All these questions will be answered for you right here and you have come to the right place.

What is the exact definition of a dental appliance used to tackle snoring?

Well, a dental snoring appliance can be defined as a device that is designed specifically to keep the airways open without collapsing down, and is worn within the mouth.

What are the uses of these devices?

These dental devices can be used for treating cases of snoring as well as cases of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

How do these dental appliances work?

There are 3 basic mechanisms by which these dental appliances work:

By bringing or pushing the tongue to the fore

By pushing the mandible to the fore

By making use of a flange at the base of the tongue, and helps to keep the tongue out of the pharyngeal opening below.

What does Research reveal about the Mandibular dental appliance for snoring?

Most of the manufacturers of these Mandibular advancement devices (MAD) tend to over simplify the mechanism of action, and depict that this device helps to push the mandible forward and thus snoring is prevented. The truth is something more complex, and several studies were done on patients of OSA.

These patients were unconscious and maintained under generalized anesthesia, and the Mandibular advancement was place within the mouth. A video endoscopy was conducted to know more about the mechanism of working of the device, which revealed that there were multiple actions which together helped to control snoring.

There was a considerable augmentation in the width of the airway behind the palate, and also considerable pushing forward of the base of the tongue. There was considerable amount of tension applied by the MAD on the palatoglossus muscles, thus helping to maintain the airway in an intact and wide manner.

MRI scan reports also revealed that there was considerable widening of the airway laterally, than anterior-posteriorly, which contributed in widening of the airway.

Have all kinds of anti snoring dental devices proved to be effective?

Well, the dental anti snoring devices that work by pushing the tongue and the mandible forward have been proved to be definitely effective in both primary snorers and in those who snore due to OSA. But the 3rd variety of these devices which work by placing a flange at the base of the tongue is quite risky and dangerous, and hence cannot be said to be effective. Even if it may control snoring, the risks and dangers certainly outweigh the advantages.

There are numerous kinds of dental anti snoring appliances available in the market nowadays. Here is a list given for your benefit:

  • Clasp Retained Mandibular Positioner or CRMP
  • Elastomeric Sleep Appliance
  • Snor X
  • Snore Guard
  • SnoreKil
  • Noiselezz Mouthpiece

General precautions to be taken while using a dental appliance for snoring:

Since these devices have to be place within the mouth and over the teeth, it is better to consult a dentist, or more specifically an orthodontist. He or she is professionally skilled to place such complicated devices within your mouth, without causing any unnecessary injury or trauma to the surrounding soft tissues. Also you can get your device personalized and custom made, if you consult your orthodontist before buying one of these dental anti snoring devices.

Can every snorer use these dental aids for treatment of snoring?

The answer is NO. There are numerous contra indications like presence of any disease or trauma or infection of the oral or dental cavity, or of the surrounding soft tissues, within the mouth.


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