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How Do I Treat Sunburn

Updated on July 19, 2016

Sunburned Skin at the Back

Skin at the back showing sunburn
Skin at the back showing sunburn | Source

All Skin Types get Sunburned

Sunburn results from over exposure to UV rays usually from the sun.

Your skin can get burned irrespective of skin color. I am a black woman who has lived in Nigeria all her life and I get sunburn. Unfortunately, for sun bathing, knowledge is not necessarily power.

A recent study on "Knowledge about Ultraviolet Radiation Hazards and Tanning Behavior of Cosmetology and Medical Students" conducted in Poland showed that medical and cosmetology student knowledge about sunbeds and risk of UV radiation was deficient.

That in itself is not surprising. What raised public health concerns was that although cosmetology students demonstrated better knowledge than medical students, they tended to tan more often and longer and engage in more risky behavior despite being aware of the hazards of tanning.

Sunburn Relief

How do I treat Sunburn?

It goes without saying that the best treatment is prevention, but more about that later.

  1. Get indoors or under shade immediately you notice signs of sunburn.
  2. Take a shower with cool water or swim in cool water. Do not use soap for the shower to avoid getting a chemical burn.
  3. Soothe the skin with a sunburn cream. The best sunburn creams contain natural products like aloe vera or banana and should best be used while the skin is still damp.
  4. Sunburn treatment includes pain and inflammation treatment. Aspirin or Ibuprofen will reduce the inflammation and soothe the pain.
  5. If the sunburn covers a large area, or it is blistered, you need to drink a lot of water to remain hydrated.
  6. Don't scratch any blisters.
  7. If your skin blisters and becomes infected, you need to see a Doctor or Dermatologist.

Homemade Sunburn Relief Treatment Recipe

  • 2 cups Oatmeal
  • Half a cup Honey
  • 1 cup Whole milk
  • 4 tablespoons Aloe Gera Gel
  • 2 large Banana, Ripe

Relief Sunburn Home Remedies

There are some sunburn treatments you can put together at home which provide relief.

It involves using cold compresses of easily available contents of your kitchen.

Cold boiled potato and cornstarch compresses are often used. A commonly used remedy is in the recipe displayed.

Sunburn Treatment

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Creams for Sunburn

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How do I treat Sunburn?

  • Sunburns will occur as long as the earth remains, since the sun is the source of the planets life.
  • The best sunburn remedies include avoiding further exposure, using sun burn creams and other remedies and getting professional help if you notice that the open skin is getting infected.
  • A cool bath after sunburn prevents continuing burn but must be followed up with a moisturizing sunburn relief cream
  • Sunburn treatments can include DIY creams and remedies

Sunburn on Chest

Sunburned baby. Smiles now, tears later.
Sunburned baby. Smiles now, tears later. | Source

Sunburnt Peeling Skin

Sunburnt skin. It is essential you avoid further exposure after a sunburn.
Sunburnt skin. It is essential you avoid further exposure after a sunburn. | Source


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