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How to Get Back on Track After Cheating On Your Diet

Updated on July 31, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Recovering from A Diet Setback


So you slipped up on your diet—again—and ate something you shouldn’t have. You have two choices: get past the temporary setback and get back on your diet or admit defeat and go back to your old bad diet habits. Unfortunately, more often than not, millions of repeat diet failures choose option two every day. At this rate, no many how many times you start a diet you’re doomed to failure because you don’t have what it takes to stay on your plan and achieve your weight loss goals. Fortunately, you are already equipped with the two tools you need in order to stick with your diet: determination and perseverance.

You just need to know how to access and utilize them when you need them. I’m going to tell you how.

It Starts With Your Attitude


Your first step toward sticking to your diet and getting your equilibrium back after a diet slip or setback is to get rid of your defeatist tendencies and develop a winning attitude. You must decide, understand, declare and articulate that you WILL NOT FAIL at dieting and you WILL reach your weight loss goals. If you believe it and receive it you will achieve it.


Do whatever you have to do to develop and maintain your winning attitude whether that means putting it in writing, saying it out loud or looking in a mirror and repeating to yourself until you internalize it. Adopt the winning attitude about diet success and learn to live it.

If You Fall Off the Wagon, Get Right Back in the Saddle


If you find yourself cheating, the moment you realize what you’re doing put that fork down! That’s right. Put the forbidden food down even if you are in the middle of a bite. If you realize you’re overeating while you have food in your mouth, spit it out. Don’t wait until you finish the meal. Stop as soon as you become aware that you are eating something you shouldn’t be eating—whether it’s the wrong food or too much food.


There are two surefire methods for determining whether you’ve eaten too much:


1. Keep a food diary. Write down every particle of food you put in your mouth and what time you ate it in your eating journal. Review what you’ve eaten throughout the day, especially right before and right after a meal. If your food diary reveals that you’ve eaten too much, don’t eat any more. Distract yourself from eating by involving yourself in an activity, or fill up on zero calorie liquids or a big veggie salad with two tablespoons of low fat, low calorie dressing.  


2. Monitor your degree of fullness. Are you satisfied? You don’t have to be stuffed to capacity or on the verge of vomiting in order to be satisfied. Determine whether you’ve eaten enough to satisfy your hunger. If you are used to eating on impulse or eating just for the sake of eating or eating just because food is available, it may take a while before you are able to determine when you are full, or even when you are truly hungry. But with determination, perseverance and lots of practice you will eventually be able to recognize when you feel hungry and when you have satisfied your hunger. Once you have, stop eating. Do not succumb to the urge to clean your plate or go for more servings.

How do you react when you suffer a diet setback?

What is your immediate reaction after cheating on your diet?

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Stop Making Excuses and Putting Off Your Weight Loss Goals


Before you can truly succeed at weight loss, you will have to learn how to succeed at wait loss. Stop waiting to start your diet until Sunday, Monday, after Thanksgiving, after Christmas, etc. You need to lose weight now, so stop making excuses and do it now. If you are tempted to go off your diet for a few days, don’t give in to the temptation. Reaffirm your commitment to losing weight and stick with it. Be determined, persevere, and be determined to persevere so you can lose that weight and get it off once and for all.


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