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How to Stop Cheating On Your Diet and Take the Weight Off For Good

Updated on July 31, 2010

Tips, Strategies and Techniques to Help You Stick to Your Diet and Succeed at Weight Loss

It’s an all-too-common occurrence. You start a new diet gung-ho and determined to succeed. Then after a few weeks—or days—you find yourself slipping up, eating more and more forbidden foods in larger and larger quantities until you finally throw in the towel and give up dieting altogether.

I’m going to take a minute to tell you something you already know: You’ll never lose the weight you want to lose if you continue repeating this vicious cycle, much less keep the pounds off for good.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stay on the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster because it is possible to stop cheating on your diet and lose the weight you want to lose for good painlessly, easily and permanently. I’m going to tell you how to do it.

If you use the tips, techniques and strategies I’m about to share you will be able to stick to your diet, lose all the weight you want and stop cheating on your diet.

Eight Surefire Tips To Help You Curb Cravings, Stop Cheating and Stick To Your Diet

1. Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number One: Stop depriving yourself of the foods you like to eat. Find, or create, a diet plan that you can stick to without cheating. In order to do this, your diet must include foods that you like and will eat. If you like carbs, do not go on a diet that eliminates all carbs or all of the carbs you like. If you like meat, don’t go on a vegetarian diet. If you like to eat dessert, don’t go on a diet that shuns all sweets. (You get the picture.) Going on a diet that runs counter to who you are, what you like and how you eat will only set you up for failure. Don’t waste your time! Select a diet that that will set you up for weight loss success, instead.

When you are deciding what diet plan you will go on, research the foods that are and are not allowed on the diet. If you find a diet you like that doesn’t include the foods you like to eat, you can modify the diet to include your preferred foods as long as the foods don’t conflict with the underlying scientific and/or nutritional principles the diet is based on. If you can’t find a diet that meets your needs, create your own. To prepare yourself to do this, get checked out by your doctor and meet with a dietician. Discuss your unique health issues, nutritional needs and weight loss goals with these professionals and work with them to design a plan that will work for you.

Use Secret Weapons to Make Your Diet Cheat Proof

2. Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number Two: Document everything you eat. Write down every single morsel you put in your mouth. Review your food intake journal several times per day, especially before and after meals. Sometimes just seeing how much you’ve eaten in black and white is enough to keep you on the straight and narrow.

3. Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number Three: If you feel like cheating on your diet, call your support person. If you have a diet buddy, trainer or other person you can go to for support, contact them and let them know you are thinking about cheating. The two of you can work together to talk you through your temptation. If you don’t have such a support person in real life, find a cyber diet buddy on a forum or social media site. There is someone out there who is willing to help you succeed at sticking to your diet. Make it your mission to find them!

Pray Your Way Through Temptation to Cheat on Your Diet


4. Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number Four: Pray! Never underestimate the power of prayer. It is entirely possible for a sincere person to pray him- or herself through an episode of temptation…to cheat on one’s diet or anything else. Prayer is a powerful tool. Use it to help you gather the strength you will need to succeed in your journey.

Be Too Busy or Too Full to Cheat On Your Diet

5. Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number Five: Distract yourself from cheating. Idle hands are indeed the devil’s workshop. Stay busy so you have too much to do to contemplate or engage in cheating. Clean out your closet. Wash your car. Read a good book. Volunteer for a charity. Go for a walk. Engage in some type of activity whenever you feel the urge to cheat coming on.

6. Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number Six: Fill up on diet-safe alternatives. Drink as much water, herbal tea or no-calorie beverages as you like. Eat a huge veggie salad with two tablespoons of low calorie, low-fat dressing.

How do you handle diet cheating episodes?

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Indulge...A Little


7. Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number Seven: Give in to temptation.  I’m serious. It’s perfectly okay to indulge every now and then…but only a little.  If you’ve just got to have chocolate cake or ice cream and you can’t get rid of the urge, go ahead and a have a spoonful-literally a spoonful. Do this only after you have followed Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number Six and are almost uncomfortably full of zero calorie liquids or your jaws are getting sore from chewing your veggie salad. Take itty bitty bites. Savor the flavor. Let it linger on your tongue. Swish it around your mouth. Make it last. But once that spoonful—no more than one level tablespoon—is gone, that’s it. No seconds. No excuses. No exceptions!

Hold Yourself Accountable for Sticking to Your Diet


8. Stop Cheating On Your Diet Tip Number Eight: Hold yourself accountable. Make a pledge to yourself-in writing—every day to stick to your diet. Be sure to list all of the reasons it is important for you to stick to your diet and all of the health benefits you will realize by not cheating on your diet. Make yourself a promise that every time you give in to temptation (see Stop Cheating on Your Diet Tip Number Seven), you will engage in an additional 15 minutes of vigorous exercise just to make sure you will stay on track with your goals.


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