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How to Surprise Your Husband with Your Pregnancy Announcement

Updated on April 14, 2012

Who does not like a surprise once in a while? Pregnancy is a big deal because you and your husband are bringing something into this world that is truly wonderful and precious. When you find out that you are pregnant why not have a little fun with your husband just to see that surprise look on their face.

Women are the first to know that they are pregnant before anyone, I mean people can suspect it but they really do not know until you have confirmed it. Some women like to surprise their husband with the pregnancy announcement; here are some ways to do that.

Getting the Big Sibling Involved

If you already have a son or a daughter it is nice to get them involved with this (surprising the husband) project. Have them where a shirt or whatever piece of clothing stating they are going to be a big sister or big brother.

A Message in a Box

A message in a box, meaning a present you can fill up a box with baby balloons and baby items (baby onesies) would do. This is a really neat way because it is just like one big surprise to show your husband how much he is loved and that you are sharing something special together.

Cake Time for Daddy

Another neat way to tell your husband that he is going to be daddy is too well put it on the words on the cake. There is nothing like feeding a boy with a sweet treat and telling him that he is going to be dad.


Cards are a way to make it more meaningful because the words on the card really does hit you in the heart, depending on what it says it could be sentimental, funny, or just tell the husband straight that you and him are having a little one.

Send Some Mail

You can have the sonograms sent in the mail to your husband, along with words announcing your pregnancy. This way he will never know of what hit him, he defiantly would not expect it.

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      KeriProctor88 6 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you! :)

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