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How to not psych yourself out of exercising

Updated on May 17, 2007

A lot of us get "psyched out" thinking about exercise, mostly because it seems overwhelming to us. But the truth is, even a little exercise can do a lot of good. Some recently research has found that you don't have to exercise until you drop to reap the mental and physical benefits. The best thing to do it to set small goals for yourself rather that large ones, this will help you keep your head in the game!

Here is a great list of ways to keep your head in the game and keep from psyching yourself out!

  1. Daydream about your goals- whether it is to lose weight, or just to feel mentally better, day dreaming about the benefits will help you to want them more and encourage yourself to workout.
  2. List all the accomplishments you have already made in your fitness, and list what more you would like to accomplish, remember to have small goals- if you are just starting to run make goal 1- run a half mile without walking, gaol 2- run a mile without walking, and so on!
  3. Eat something! It sounds counteractive, but it isn't, food is fuel, have a healthy snack and you will have the energy you need to complete your workout.
  4. Maybe you're getting bored with your daily routine, try some new type of exercise, if you normally run trying biking, or try a new aerobic class.
  5. Volunteer to help someone else get in shape, doing it together will give you the motivation you need, plus helping someone else will empower you.
  6. Listen only to music, it can help motivate you and keep you focused on working out- and make you forget how hard you are working.
  7. If you are in a slump, identify the precise nature of the feelings you are having- and make a plan of action to get yourself out of the slump.
  8. Try working out at a different time of day. I am a morning running, I often psych myself out when I run after work, I start thinking about how hard I worked all day and how I have no energy left... in the morning I don't have these excuses!
  9. Chart you success, daily, weekly, and monthly, even if it is small, you are working hard, and the best motivation is YOU!
  10. Find someone to look up to, someone who can motivate you and you're your from psyching yourself out.
  11. Believe in yourself!! You can do it!!! Just believe that and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to- and don't even let anyone or anything let you think differently!!


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