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How to overcome nervousness

Updated on June 24, 2010

Being nervous and having anxiety can cause you to literally feel like an invalid. It keeps you from doing the normal daily activities of life that some people don’t think twice about. This is a normal human emotion that is paralyzing to some. And it was once an emotion that was used as a protection mechanism and this has evolved over millions of years. It began as a way to protect you from an unforeseen danger. It’s the fight or flight instinct. The physical symptoms are that your heart beat can speed up, get a dry throat, trembling and shaking, and excessive perspiration. If you suffer from this, it would cause you to ask a couple of important questions: What are some ways to overcome this detrimental emotion? And can you be “cured” from this? First let’s take a look at the causes to figure out how to address this ailment.

The root causes for this immense nervousness are reason for examination. Feelings of self doubt and insecurity, low self esteem are all causes for being nervous and anxious. Sometimes these symptoms are caused directly from the negative experiences that we’ve had in our past. We doubt how and what we are feeling and the result is feeling nervous and indecision about every decision in life that you are required to use. There are a number of causes that are unrelated to our past as well such as a chemical imbalance, possibly a lack of serotonin, diseases, or it has been given to us from our descendents.

The cure can be a number of things used together or separately. As you may have noticed, the root causes all have to do with the lack of esteem and confidence that you have in yourself. Practice changing the way that you think of yourself. Write down some key sentences that will build up your self confidence. Repeat these phrases in the morning and at night. Even if you feel silly, this is like tricking yourself into thinking that you are worthwhile and able to make decisions, and then before you know it, you will believe these things that you are saying to yourself. Meditation can also help and hypnotherapy. Another way to cope is to see a doctor and get a prescription for anxiety and nervousness. If this is a chemical imbalance, this is the most important thing that you can do for yourself. Seek counseling along with both of these measures. Talk about your feelings of inadequacy and self doubt. Seeking help and support is the first step that needs your attention if you are trying to find a “cure”. There really is no magic cure. It involves action on your part to recover.

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    • winegoddess55 profile image

      winegoddess55 7 years ago from Mount Forest

      Anxiety and panic attacks can really cripple some people, no doubt about it! Unfortunately some deny that they have a problem and fail to get treatment, opting instead for self medicating, using illicit drugs, alcohol, or whatever is available. A colleague of mine had a 19 year old son who drank antifreeze "just for a kick," and he died. Could this have been prevented? Possibly, if someone had known the issues leading up to it. So talk therapy is important too.

    • lxxy profile image

      lxxy 7 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      I think this is a wonderful read. However, it's a little hard on the eyes in such large blocks (to me) Breaking up paragraphs and putting in more media might garner you both a longer article (more ads) and a longer view time.