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Hubbers, Will You Help Me With My Parents?

Updated on August 27, 2014
My Parents
My Parents

This past winter, the hard decision of placing my mother in an assisted-living home was one of the hardest I have ever made. She has been married to my father for over 30 years, but due to their age and health conditions, living together was no longer beneficial for either one of them.

Caring for aging parents is emotionally and financially overwhelming. However, it has been a labor of love in that being there for them has been the least I can do for them after they supported me as best as they could... My mother's home has warned us about not being able to maintain her placement. This is due to our past due room and board fees that we have done our best to keep up with, but have fallen behind on...

I discovered a wonderful crowd-funding website, Go Fund Me dot com, where people in need to raise money post their pleas for donation from the public. I decided to share my parents situation on it in the hopes that generous souls may help me support their current financial needs...

I invite you to please check out my story at this link I no longer hold a Facebook account, but will you help me spread the word by placing such link on your pages?

I thank you all, sincerely, for your support in any way possible... Monetarily or by adding this link to your social media sites.

Thank you all on behalf of my folks.

God bless.


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    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 3 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      I have offered to contact a lawyer for her, but she will NOT give out any names and chooses to live under the radar, stating the abuse could get worse if she says anything. She is 84 and was struck by a car--cannot take any pain meds, etc., is there strictly for "rehab" services which seem dubious. I have know her for 7 years and cannot recall any dementia, but she seems a bit vague so it is hard to investigate. Luckily I can visit her from time to time and she seems okay (no bruises, etc) but who really knows what goes on in these places? Thanks for caring.

    • Peggy Aronson profile image

      Peggy Aronson 3 years ago

      Garnet Bird, good for you for being an advocate for your friend. I am a geriatric social worker and I have a few suggestions. First, follow up with your call to the hotline. Adult Protective Services (or similar agency) is mandated to do an investigation for each call and they will let you know the outcome.

      Next, get family involved, if possible. Is there a guardian or power of attorney?

      Also, the next time your friend lets you know she is being hit call the administrator of the rehab facility IMMEDIATELY with your concerns. They may ask your friend to sign a release of information so they can talk with you openly about her care. If there is no release of information they can still listen to your concerns without violating her right to confidentiality. This is a serious accusation and they should respond accordingly.

      Pay attention to your own observations. Does your friend have bruises? Is she in pain? Is she confused? She may have confusion due to pain medications, dementia or could be struggling with pain issues.

      I'm glad she has you on her side. I hope she will be safe and comfortable.

    • jcm_blabs profile image

      jcm_blabs 3 years ago from My Bunker in the Midwest

      Thanks for your comment. That's unfortunate about your friend being treated poorly. Have you spoken with an attorney that deals with assisted living abuse? Chances are, this could be happening to other patients there. It is my hope that it all comes to light if indeed there is neglect there.

    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 3 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      I really feel for your situation. I am dealing with a dear friend, over 80, who is in a rehab hospital. Although it appears to be "nice" she alleges that she is being struck and abused there by the rehab staff. I am not financially responsible for her, but I do keep calling her in case any new issue arises. I also have lodged several complaints with the elder abuse hotline.