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Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout: Want To Know How To Get Really Shredded?

Updated on July 9, 2009

Hugh Jackman's Transformation To Become Wolverine

There's no denying that Hugh Jackman certainly looks in great shape! It's hard to believe that he's now 40yrs old, there are probably many who would aspire to getting that same muscular, ripped physique.

The Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout, as some have decided to call it, was responsible for getting him into peak condition for the movie, (remember peak condition), but he didn't always have that great body.

According to his long time personal trainer, "Mike Ryan" who's worked with him since they met around 1989, he was very skinny at that time and nicknamed "chicken legs".

Now having transformed from being a bit skinny to having a muscular, rock solid body he is ideal for the role of Wolverine. Apparently it was important that although muscular, he should not become too big, and needed to concentrate on getting a really ripped look.

So How Can You Get The Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout Look?

So you've probably seen Wolverine in action in the film, and then thought to yourself "just how did Hugh Jackman develop that fantastic look?"

Before the latest X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, Hugh Jackman had also stared in the previous X-Men and Van Helsing movies, he has always been recognized as having a great physique in these films.

His ongoing training program has helped him to develop a body that shows rock solid muscle, whilst intentionally not getting too big.

His personal trainer "Mike Ryan" has been working with him for a number of years now, an important part of making him look so good in the latest Wolverine role has been for him to get a really ripped look.

In the latest X-MEN Origins: Wolverine movie, you can see that Hugh Jackman certainly has a muscle packed body, but the real secret to the look was to keep lean and ripped.

So you see it's not just about how much muscle you pack on, it's about showing it at its best, by ensuring minimal body fat.

You will only achieve this by having the right workout, combined with good diet and nutrition.

So what type of workouts can get YOU that look?

"I Want The Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout Look But Where Do I Start?"

During the Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout some of the usual basic bodybuilding exercises are used such as presses, deadlifts and squats, but it is important that there are many variations included. These would include variations such as using a different grip, weights, inclines and much more.

The average length of a workout session can be between 60-90 minutes, it is extremely important to make sure that you warm up and down correctly. This is often cardio based exercise. A 10 minute warm up is usually enough at the start, followed at the end of an intense workoutĀ  by about 20 minutes of lighter exercise such as swimming, which is good for warming down.

This helps prevent injury so you can continue to workout effectively.

There is no real "magic workout" that will transform your body within a few weeks, it will take a little longer! but with the right workout system and enough effort it can be possible to pack on as much as 40lbs of muscle in six months.

Those sort of gains, even if you don't quite get that far, will make a huge difference to your look.

So what workouts are designed to get that muscular, well ripped look?

You finally decide that enough is enough and it's time to take action!

You want to transform yourself and get that muscular, ripped look but what workouts can help you achieve that?

Well as you learned earlier, you need the right workout system, one that will help and guide you, but also include the right exercises together with good diet and nutrition advice.

To get the look that a Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout achieves you could try getting Hugh Jackman's personal trainer to help you?

Thankfully, there are other, more realistic alternatives!

There are a number of workouts available to anyone which have been designed to develop a rock solid, shredded physique. You will have to put the effort, just as Hugh Jackman has, but if you get the right system and stick with it, you should see some great results.

Why not get started right now with one of the muscle building workouts from the Best Workout Reviews Website.


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