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Human Energy, Earth Energy, Universal Energy

Updated on February 7, 2015

Yes it's true modern physics best theory is that we (us and the whole universe) are made out of energy. Yes we (us and the universe) are all one and we are made out of the same "stuff". That said what does this mean for an individual and how does one operate their energy for their own health and evolution as well as others?

Human energy has many levels (frequencies, dimensions). These levels must all synchronize harmonically for optimum health. Your energy fields build upon each other. You have multiple physical, mental, emotional, ethereal, energy fields. Physical body energy allows you to carry, channel higher levels of mental, emotional and ethereal energy. On the other hand ethereal, mental and emotional energies can exist without the physical body i.e. spirit, soul etc.

The physical bodies energy must support and vibrate in harmony with the other levels (bodies) so that they can support the optimum health of each other. This is a cyclical relationship the improvement of one of these levels supports another.

The basic rules for operating your energy fields are the same as the basic rules of Holistic healing.

(1) All healing happens within an individual. People heal from within themselves.
(2) We are free to choose and we are responsible for how we react to any situation or event.

O.K. let's review
Were does the energy come from? The universe is in us and it is all around us, all of the dimensions of the universe are in us and all around us. Does this mean I need a specialist to run universal energy for me? I'll let you answer this question. Universal energy at any frequency runs through you when you allow it. It is not something you have to take or have given to you it is something that you allow to happen.

So why does an individual have low energy overall or low energy and physical dysfunction, dis-ease because they have a pattern that is blocking universal energy from running through this area of their body or issue in their life.

Physical sensation, thoughts, emotions, beliefs are all energy and if you are choosing to be conscious of how energy works start by becoming conscious of your self. The most powerful thing you can do for yourself for anyone else and the whole universe is to ground. Grounding is consciously connecting to the Earth. Since you chose to come here ethereally, (I'm assuming everyone reading this is here on Earth in some form) I suggest you choose to get here consciously, mentally, emotionally and physically as well. Then you can connect to the entire universe. Once you have consciously located yourself on Earth you can connect consciously to the center core of the universe. this is all part of grounding.

Now that you are connected all of the information in the universe relative to you is available. You are now connected to the "Inner net" this is the most personal on line service. You are now directly on line with the universe there is no need for a server and no monthly fee. you are the server and the served. From this point you can choose to serve your fear and your need for control (of course this will quickly collapse your connection) or you can serve your highest good your highest joy and your highest evolution. All the physical emotional and mental patterns you become aware of that say you cannot have this connection and energy are the ones that are blocking you and causing you dis-ease.

One last thing, yes we can do this by ourselves and yes finding a facilitator is very useful because a good facilitator is a mirror for your patterns. The better the facilitator is at consciously being aware of themselves the better they are at being a mirror.


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    • CosmoGuru profile image

      CosmoGuru 3 years ago from Ahmedabad

      Interesting Article ....Good Luck !!!

    • cgobey profile image

      cgobey 5 years ago

      Transcendental, inspiring :)

    • profile image

      SeekerOfTruth 6 years ago

      This is great information! People that have enjoyed this article check out spirit science on YouTube! Peace and Love x

    • profile image

      ttree 6 years ago

      grounding....universal flow...we are all connected to mother earths frequencies and our higher important to ground first...then proceed to work the magic of the universe....thankyou for being so real about energy and its amazing potential to heal theyself and serve others...many blessings..."t"eresa

    • PARASMART profile image

      Bruce Peterson 6 years ago from Lompoc

      I think your article helps people connect to The Universal or Unlimited Energy that is in and around us everyday at no cost but to tap into it. It is precise and to the point and easy to understand by a person who may not be familiar with Metaphysical teachings. Thank you, Brewster

    • profile image

      Hipprintz 7 years ago

      This is a wonderful article. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read and learn.