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Body language and gestures – Speaking for you

Updated on March 20, 2016

There are times when we are talking and we don’t know what our hands are up to. While talking hand movements, facial lexes and body language play very significant role in telling about the speaker. Some people use more than enough or not needed gestures which are really distracting. Some people use their hands to convey the message clearly. Well in whatever group you fall into, just be careful in using your hand gestures while presenting or communicating. Your mind automatically involves your face and hands with your language and emotions, while you don’t even know that. This has been noticed that hand gestures and facial expressions increase the value of speech for 60%.

This has happened to me that I found nonverbal communication more influenced rather than speaking a lot of junk. Facial expressions are something everyone uses even when he or she is not speaking. Facial expressions used by every other individual to convey the message with expressions only, without speaking a single word.

You can know when a particular person is telling a lie or when he is making an excuse. There are some important features to keep in mind so that you can decipher your conversation. These are:

A. Voice volume: Voice volume is here to show the authority of the speaker, his or her influence over the audience and also the ability to be listened.

B. Speech Speed: Speaking speed plays a very important role. If someone is speaking fast, without pause or break it means he wants to get rid of his words. He doesn’t want to face those words, but just saying that. While a low pitch gives the sign of low confidence and low intelligence. A person who speaks slowly and patiently it is believed that he gives much importance to his words and wants others to provide reverence too.

C. Word and expressions gap: If there is difference or gap between words or phrases while speaking, it tells about the positive or negative thoughts and intentions of the speaker.

D. The tone of voice: If tones are increasing these are the sign of security while decreasing or fluctuation of voice tone gives a sign of insecurity.

E. Another Sounds: There are some other sounds (laugh, grunt, moan and scream) which replace the words when needed or fill the space where words are lacking. These sounds complete sentences without words and speech.

There are some facial expressions which are very common and very easy to understand. Facial expressions change their meaning and influence according to the situation. These facial expressions reveal happiness, anger, anxiety and many more emotions which are tough to speak. Here I ‘m going to roll out with some of the facial expression secrets:

a. Irregularity in facial expressions: That’s where you can catch someone telling the lie. This arrhythmic tone of expressions is enough to understand that a lie has been told.

b. Enlarged eyes: Well this in the case shows excitement, energy, feeling good and interest to explore more into that conversation.

c. Your nose, eyes and throats are connected: Maybe you know this one. When one is expressing deep emotion there’s throat moist nose, saliva and wet eyes. If any of these is missing, it means next person is trying to manipulate emotions.

d. Arrhythmic Blinking: You must have seen people doing this, this irregular blinking of eyes points an arrow towards a hidden lie.

e. Fake smile: This one is easy to understand and this is what we often do to our loved once just not to hurt them. When you spread a fake smile it gives you wrinkle at the corner of your mouth but an actual smile can put wrinkles on your eyes too.

g. An interruption in contact with eyes only: Well you know this. A person trying to avoid eye contact and turning head to some other side when talking gives a sign of hiding something or telling a lie.

h. Watching over glasses: Watching over the glasses means the person is comfortable talking to you and also convenient sharing ideas.

i. Mouth slightly opened: Mouth slightly opened (well this is the most of the time women) shows the excitement or interest in the conversation.

This was all about the facial expressions and what idea the present about the person who is talking or listening. By reading this once or twice you can easily comprehend with your pals.

But the next important thing what we are going to talk about is Hand gestures and hand movements while talking which plays an important role In terms of giving an idea about the personality and his interest in the conversation. You should mind your hand movements and gestures when talking to someone otherwise; you can be caught telling a lie. Here I am going to tell you some most commonly used gesture globally and which means the same no matter in which part of the globe you are. So here we go:

1. Hidden Hands: Hidden hands create the lack of confidence in eyes of the audience. If they can’t see your hands, they can’t trust you.

2. Hands on Heart: This is a very interesting gesture. When a person is talking to you keeping hands above his/her heart he /she wants you to trust him/her. In this case, speaker shows the sign of honesty and seeks attention from you even though that’s not the case.

3. Palms Up: Wide open arms and palms up create a scenario of openness. It is a sign of positivity. This gesture is a sign of trust and consistency. Same gestures with a little upside down jerk of shoulder shows admitting or accepting the weakness. One can also say “I have no idea.”

4. Using No hands Gestures: A person who is using too many gestures can confuse his audience but if you are not at all using any gesture or not moving your hands, it can put the bad effect on your audience. No hands gesture mean speaker don’t care what he is talking about.

5. Hands clutched in front: Gripped hands in front can show nervousness and lack of comfort. Touching hairs, face and ear can show the same signs.

6. Hands gesture crossing the outline of the body: This is pretty cool. Those who make large hand gestures present large ideas and great concepts. But if somebody does it all the time he communicates it gives an impression that the person himself is out of control. He doesn’t have any control over him.

7. Steepling: This is a gesture which shows authority and confidence on the topic. This gesture is very much used by those who are expertise in their field.

8. Hands open and palm slightly bent upwards: This gesture shows that the speaker is certain about the things he is talking about.

9. Palms down, Hands open: This gesture presents dominance, rigidity and authority. Though it can be in a positive manner but if somebody is talking to you in this way this is an indication to you that you have to change your approach toward the speaker or he just wants you to listen to him carefully.

This gesture also represents the disagreement in an empathetic manner.

10. Hands in the pocket: Hands in a pocket are the biggest sign of uncertainty, mistrust and unwillingness to get involved. While talking to someone you need to take care of it. If somebody is talking to you keeping his hands in pocket, you need to gain his faith and attention first.

Now when you are aware of all the main gestures with hands and facial expressions, you can easily maintain the environment of your presentation or discussion according to your need. Even you can know when and who is lying to you. So just use your gestures to impress and influence your audience and read facial expressions of other.

Here we are done with all gesture. No? Oh Really. You can tell me if I left something about gestures or any specific gesture.


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    • AlluriMaahiSharma profile image

      Pratibha 19 months ago from Chandigarh

      sure, i will consider.

    • profile image

      vicky7878 19 months ago

      Only thing that is missing is eyes contact which is again missing in your article. Would appreciate if you do bit more research on that and share your thoughts on that topic as well.

    • Pujagusain profile image

      Puja Gusain 19 months ago from India

      Next time I will observe certain gestures of my friends. Thanks for information.

    • profile image

      aakriti 19 months ago

      Can you be a bit specific on facial expressions??

    • profile image

      Ankita 19 months ago

      This is funny when you can read hands more than what actually a person is speaking

    • profile image

      nitika bhatia 19 months ago