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Hunger - How to Defeat Weight Management's Worst Enemy

Updated on January 29, 2016

You know what defeats people's weight loss accomplishments more than anything else? HUNGER!

Being hungry is just the worst. It can make you irritable, and can deminish your focus. If you can relate, you may also be familiar with the word, "Hangry."

Not only does hunger tend lead irritability, but also leads to to overeating. In addition, it generally leads to overeating all of the wrong foods. This is something you definitely want to avoid as you are working to improve yourself over the next 90 days, and just in life!

So, we are going to help YOU control your hunger, as we work together to improve ourselves with our "90 Days to a Better YOU!"


Here is some advice to help you control your cravings and hunger as you work to improve yourself every day. 1. Drink lots of water-

Water is a natural appetite suppressant. You may have heard the phrase, "quench your thirst, with water first," well it works for eating too! Drinking plenty of water can help get rid of false hunger cravings.. Hint: you should be drinking at least a gallon each day! If you feel a little headachey or nauseated at first, that’s normal. Just make sure to add a little extra salt to your food.

2. Eat 5 "Meals" a Day.

Did you know that eating smaller, more frequent meals, helps to stabilize blood sugar, which in turn helps control your appetite. It also increases your metabolism, to help you burn more calories and keep weight off. Gymnasts eat 5-6 small meals every day.


3. Use Zeal Protein Shakes as ​​meal replacements and drink Zeal wellness.

Both of these contain vitamins, minerals, super-foods, and other natural ingredients, proven to work as "hunger blockers." In addition to giving your body fiber and protein, which are also essential in combating hunger, they also taste great! Click Here to save 15% on your Zeal orders today!

Lai Rupe - 90 Day Challenge!

4. Revert to #1 and #3 again.

  1. Sometimes our bodies aren't really hungry, you just "feel like eating." If this is the case for you, drinks are the perfect way to balance that out and help put your cravings for food to the side.


Never let cravings & hunger come between you and your goals!

YOU can do this, because YOU matter!

YOUR health matters and you deserve to

Live a happy healthy life for you and your family!

Contact Alaina Rupe to start changing your life!


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