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Why do I feel Hungry after Eating a Healthy Meal?

Updated on January 10, 2017

For most people who make a transformation of their diet, a common complaint will be that “I feel hungry every time I eat a healthy meal. This is a major challenge that most people face and might even lead to a relapse to the previous unhealthy diet. Have you ever critically thought of the cause of the hunger pangs experienced even after a healthy meal?

To answer this question, it is important to start with the kind of foods that might have been causing the hunger pangs. Your body uses hunger pangs to bring your attention to a food element that might be missing in the healthy diet.

Low calorie count

This is a major problem that may be the root cause of the hunger pangs. Prior to rolling out a new diet plan, you must take time to work out the calorie count that your body requires and the calorie count that the healthy food offers. Choosing low calorie count food that is lower than the body’s needs makes the body unstable and this issue must be rectified as soon as possible. The body then has to use hunger pangs to make you understand that something is amiss in the diet.

Even when you are obese and trying to reduce the body mass by cutting down on calories, a lower than normal calorie count could be doing more harm than good, as the body lacks sufficient energy to run important functions. Progressive indulgence in the low calorie diet locks down the body to starvation mode which lowers the body metabolism and makes weight loss quite difficult.

Minimal protein content

This is yet another cause of feeling hungry after eating. Protein is a major factor that aids the feeling of satiety even hours after eating. Studies by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have indicated that each meal consumed should in the least have 20 – 30 grams of protein in it. The requirement must be met from high quality proteins, either from plant or animal sources which ensure a feeling of satiety.

Insufficient fat

Most people who are on a diet decide to do away with fat completely by choosing low fat or fat free products to eat. The lack of adequate fat in the diet may point to why you feel hungry after eating. Fat is a crucial component to meals by not only adding flavour, but also sustaining satiety for a few hours after the meal. A healthy alternative that brings fat to the diet should be practised. Use of whole nuts or even fruits such as avocado can bring in the fat content required in the meal while at the same time ensuring that the diet is composed of healthy foods. Healthy oils such as olive oil or coconut oil can be used to ensure of the diet requirements being met accordingly.

Low fibre

A vital component in any healthy diet is fibre. It is found mainly in vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds and fruits. The importance of fibre is that it aids satiety, as the body is unable to digest it. The main benefit of this is that the feeling of satiety stays on for a while and also helps in excretion of cholesterol from the blood. Soluble fibre is also important as it delays digestion and ensures that the consumed food continues to provide energy until the next meal comes. If you feel hungry after eating a healthy meal, check the fibre content in your diet and provide several sources of it accordingly in all meals.

To ensure that the chosen diet offers you a fresh start that will not bring with it the hungry feeling after eating, it is recommended to work with a nutritionist who will help plan your meals and ensure the required food groups are provided for and with adequate proportions in all meals. Also, learn to plan to have up to 5 small meals spread out through the day to ensure that there is no chance of hunger pangs arising. With this, you can rest assured of maintaining a healthy weight, improve on blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels as well as get the recommended energy to perform all your daily functions without feeling hungry.


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