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Hurry, worry and curry causes ill health!

Updated on March 20, 2013

Our habits cause distress!

"Sir, why you are hurrying in such a speed? You may meet with some accidents!

"Get away from the path man, Are you mad?

I really pitied the gentleman who was driving in reckless speed. May be he is in a hurry!

Now, i observe more such vehicles passing ahead of me as though they are in a race course! I turned to my co-passenger since i am not accustomed to the speed drives in the country side. My neighbor chuckled at me and said, 'they are rushing to their work places' I was again stunned. Why should they rush.? They could still drive slowly and carefully. I was ignorant of the adrenaline rush of the morning hour in cities! When i was working in a town, i used to get up early, finish my cores, ate my breakfast cum lunch, took a snack box for the afternoon. Yes, i used to miss the lunch and had a cup of tea with the snacks around 4 PM. That was my routine and every thing worked perfectly. It was during the 60s and 70s when everything was comparatively calm. Now i find both students and office goers vie with each other to catch the public transport and run behind the buses to get a foothold space in the foot board. How they do the circus of remaining in the foot board for the next hour is a miracle of sort. I now understood the meaning of 'hurry' since i used to walk slowly to reach the bus stops. There were no much crowd at that time and i used to easily sleek in. Now i understood the results of population explosion!

The next scene is a clinic of the family Doctor. While i was waiting liesurly for a minor check up, i found boys and girls of school going ages waiting in the corridor. The parents are exhibiting concerns in their faces. I talked to one of them and he blurted out that his boy is ailing from stomach ulcers. I was wondering and enquired the parent about their eating habits. The mother told me, "See, I am getting up at 4 AM to prepare both lunch and breakfast. The boys get up at 7 AM and they have to be ready by 8 AM to catch the bus. It was terrific times. daily. I am really fortunate that i don't get ulcer yet. She bemoaned in anxiety. I asked the boy what he eat in the morning. He casually told me that it is two slices of roasted bread anointed liberally with jam. Sir, I don't find time even to gulp that. I rush through the routine everyday. Then some milk. There i am off running to catch the bus! Now i got the point. Why he is ill with stomach ulcer. I plainly told the boy. Get up at 6 AM and finish your works half an hour early. You have plenty of time to walk to the bus stop. You will get cured if you eat your breakfast without hurry. Take iddlis or Dosa alternatively. Bread as a snack is good but can not sustain you till noon! The boy promised to follow my timely advice>

My neighbor in the next door is a 'software professional' getting a nice pay pocket. All the modern gadgets adore the hall of his house. Yet I found him always brooding about something. One day i casually quipped, 'why you are concerned much? you have a decent job and a brand new flat. What causes concerns in you. He muttered a few words. "Oh it is my boss who is a rogue and scoundrel. He makes me to sit in the office at odd hours under the pretext of meeting the dead line for a project. Really i am thinking of quitting this nasty job(which pay him around Rs.60000 a month in India. It is a very decent salary and by all odds his expenditure won't cross the halfway mark. Then i asked him about his job and how he goes about it. He told me that his boss gives him several projects at a time and he is strict about the dead line. What you do about i, I asked. Most of the time the neighbor used to brood over the burden with the result he is unable to focus on the job in hand which gets delayed. I told him a simple remedy: One task at a time and focus only on it. Do not bother about other projects. If you tackle one job at a time without brooding or worrying, you can finish all the projects in time. This is what Dale Carnegie has advised his clients once!

I was on an errand in the town. It was mid noon. I had sufficient hunger. There was a fast food chain nearby. I found that the rush was maddening. Every body was ordering vegetable kurma, roasted pakodas and hot chutneys in the hot afternoon. I found the atmosphere disgusting. I asked the server whether he has 'iddlis'? Fortunately, i found mini iddlies sumptuous though costing a sky. Some how i finished and was brooding about the food habits of our youngsters. Why even youngsters are prone to BP and heart problems? It is their food habits. My grand mother used to give one lunch box full of curd rice for the hot summer. Believe me i had no problems like the BP or heart ailments at the age of 70. I concluded that it is the "HURRY, WORRY AND CURRY' causes many troubles in youngsters!


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