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Hydration Is Important

Updated on September 9, 2016

Hydration is important. It's one of those things that many people don't take into consideration when they're on a diet or exercising. As prior military, it was part of my everyday duties to make sure that everyone was properly hydrated. Hydration was part of the key to success for everyone's duties each and everyday. Ever since immersing myself into the fitness industry, I have noticed the importance of hydration and the major role that it plays in diet and exercise.

Key factors that water has in diet and exercise:

1. It's essential for life (this is obviously an important factor), essentially comprising from 55% to 75% of the human body.

2. Helps to regulate every function in the body, especially body temperature (you don't want to overheat while exercising).

3. Helps the kidneys to get rid of waste (water is key to filtering out waste).

4. Keeps your joints well lubricated.

5. Water helps with digestion (creation of saliva to break down food).

*** Without proper hydration, you're looking at dehydration; which brings all sorts of problems. Dehydration symptoms may include headaches, feeling lightheaded or confused, and feeling tired or being lethargic.

One major thing that people will realize after starting and maintaining adequate hydration levels is that they loose weight. This happened to me when I started drinking 1 gallon or more of water per day. I lost 5Lbs that first week. This is because the extra water helps to flush out excess sodium and water that your body holds on to (Yes, you heard that right; extra water gets rid of extra water in your body).

Per extensive research that I have done, I have come up with the following formula to help establish adequate hydration levels:

1. Find your BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate.

2. Find your caloric intake (BMR x Activity Factor).

3. Multiply your weight by either 60% for females, or 65% for males.

4. Divide your caloric intake by your BMR, and then multiply it by the number you got from either the 60% or 65% of your weight. Voila! You have found your minimum water intake.

(Example: Male that exercises 3 - 5 days per week: 200Lbs and 10% Bodyfat: BMR = 2120, Caloric Intake = 3286, 200 x 65% = 130, 3286 / 2120 = 1.55, 1.55 x 130 = 201.5 ounces daily)

(Example: Female that exercises 3 - 5 days per week: 150Lbs and 20% Bodyfat: BMR = 1545, Caloric Intake = 2394, 150 x 60% = 90, 2394 / 1545 = 1.55, 1.55 x 90 = 139.5 ounces daily)

*** This amount of water may seem excessive, but I assure you that it's not. With over 75% of the U.S. population being dehydrated, and the most common recommendation being 8 cups of water or 64 ounces daily, doubling this will in fact help get rid of many health issues we see today.


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