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Hydrogen Peroxide, from Home Remedy to Rocket Fuel

Updated on October 1, 2012
Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 Graphic
Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 Graphic | Source

"The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide"

Hydrogen Peroxide from Home Remedy to Rocket Fuel

Discover how Hydrogen Peroxide works on the inside of our bodies, as well as how it works on everything around us. It not only cure's what ails us, but may well be that renewable fuel source we have been searching for all along! I would have never guessed that over 45 years ago my Grandmother had the right idea when it came to Hydrogen Peroxide. She used it on scrapes, as toothpaste, and even to cure foot fungus. To this day, I still follow her peroxide home cures with remarkable results.

Practical uses for Peroxide range from teeth to, literally, rocket fuel!

Thacker's book "The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide" is available on Amazon. Just 'click' on the icon below!
Thacker's book "The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide" is available on Amazon. Just 'click' on the icon below!

Getting to know Hydrogen Peroxide

Why Is Peroxide Such Good Stuff

I have recently consumed a book called "The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide" written by Emily Thacker, which offers the most thorough information regarding this miracle substance. You will find many unknown and practical uses for Peroxide stemming from teeth whitening to literally rocket fuel! Thacker brings an in depth guide that helps you to brighten your whites, disinfect your counter tops, and soothe muscle aches. Believe me when I tell you that you're NOT going to want to miss the things she teaches in between. There are a few other publications on Hydrogen Peroxide, but in my opinion, Thacker's version has so much more to offer on hydrogen peroxide and what it brings to our everyday home remedy first-aide kits.

Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Softens Earwax
  • Hair Color Highlights
  • Kills bacteria
  • Bleaching Agent
  • Whitens Teeth
  • Lightens Skin (age spots)
  • Laundry Cleaner
  • Stain Remover
  • Wound Healer
  • Household Disinfectant


There is not a single hospital or emergency room in the country that doesn't use Hydrogen Peroxide for its amazing germ killing properties. E. coli, botulism, and even salmonella cringe at the thought of the stuff! With the medical fields enthusiasm surrounding peroxide, came the discovery that it enables the immune system to function properly and fight infection and disease. Studies show that Hydrogen Peroxide can;

  • shrink tumors
  • treat allergies
  • treat Alzheimer's
  • treat asthma
  • treat clogged arteries
  • treat diabetes
  • treat digestive problems
  • and can an even treat migraine headaches

Many consumers are wising-up to the hundreds of home health cures and remedies hydrogen peroxide offers. In her book, "The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide" Thacker tells you exactly how to use it by itself, as well as mixing it with simple everyday kitchen products to make soaks, lotions, tonics and rubs that treat a myriad of ailments!


Hydrogen Peroxide and Changing Hair Color

For the sake of giving you an example of the strength as well safety of Hydrogen Peroxide, below is a hair color chart. Hydrogen Peroxide strips the hair pigment away as it "bleaches" it at the cellular level. Damage is occurring to the hair shaft cells as the change in color develops. The longer the hair is exposed to the reactive nature of the chemical, the more damage to pigmentation and the hairs natural structure. A fraying or frizz will be evident following most Peroxide hair treatments due to the destruction of pigment. A similar reaction is encountered when our body naturally creates peroxides to attack foreign invaders inside the body.

Hair Color Chart - Hydrogen Peroxide

Your Current Natural Hair Color 
Indication of Color Result 
Cream Peroxide Required 
Developement Time Required
Light Blond -  Dark Blond
Very Pale Blond 
30 Volume 9% 
20 - 30 minutes
Medium Brown 
Light Blond 
30 volume 9% 
20 - 60 minutes
Dark Brown 
Warm Blond 
40 volume 12% 
20 - 90 minutes
Very Dark Brown - Black
Zebrafish tail fin heat sensory image
Zebrafish tail fin heat sensory image | Source

About Hydrogen Peroxide and the Above Image

In the zebrafish tail fin imaged here, a small wound is inflicted at the tip of the fin. Red represents high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, and blue represents low concentrations. The chemical burst far exceeds the single cell diameter and reaches well into the surrounding tissue. (Credit: Philipp Niethammer)

Hydrogen Peroxide Inside The Body

Hydrogen Peroxide From The Beginning Of Time

Hydrogen Peroxide's history is relatively new, and very ancient all at the same time; naturally occurring hydrogen Peroxide has been manufactured inside the body of every living creature on earth, as well as by the light within our atmosphere from the beginning of time.

Hydrogen Peroxide At The Cellular Level

Hydrogen Peroxide can actually be very destructive on the cellular level inside the body. As Thacker tells us, this is impossible to eliminate. Hydrogen Peroxcide is formed as the body breaks down fatty and certain amino acids. As we digest food, hydrogen peroxide gets made during the process. It can also form in locations like mitochondria when oxidation occurs.


Some of the enzymes that become oxidized, have first produced superoxide, which then degrades into hydrogen peroxide. To give you an idea how superoxide is formed, consider what our white blood cells do when they attack a foreign organism; they frantically create hydrogen peroxide, superoxide, and hypochlorous acid. Not to be graphic, but in essence they simply bleach the invader to death. Superoxide is very unstable compound that quickly breaks down when mixed with water (body fluids) to become hydrogen peroxide.

What Is The Peroxisome

Because these materials can be very damaging to the body at the cellular level, every cell in the body has a secret compartment-like space called the peroxisome, where the newly formed hydrogen peroxide gets stashed away until it gets broken down enough by the body's neutralizers.

Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing as a home remedy in a vast array of applications!
Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing as a home remedy in a vast array of applications! | Source

Thacker's Book

Thacker's book has so much useful information about the product that it is a wonder it hasn't been created in Encyclopedic sets. She has crammed within her book several tested and proven health cures that do everything from making age spots disappear to shrinking tumors. Combine hydrogen peroxide with a pinch of this and a dash of that from your kitchen cupboards and witness some thoroughly shocking results!


  • Treat Athlete's Foot
  • Soothe sour throats
  • Fight colds and flu
  • Destroy bad dental bacteria and heals gingivitis
  • Relieves the sting and pain of insect bites
  • Relieve ear aches
  • Refresh and tone your skin
  • Relives the pain of arthritis, rheumatism, and fibromyalgia
  • Clear up allergies and sinus problems
  • Helps heal boils ans skin infections
  • Whiten teeth without spending a fortune
  • Help heal cold soars and canker soars
  • Clear up foot and nail fungus
  • Soothe soar feet
  • Enables minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes to heal much faster


Would you consider using Hydrogen Peroxide as a home remedy for the things listed within this article?

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Hydrogen Peroxide Saves You Money!

Replacing those expensive store bought supplies with Hydrogen Peroxide saves you big money due its very low cost!
Replacing those expensive store bought supplies with Hydrogen Peroxide saves you big money due its very low cost! | Source

Rocket Fuel and Hydrogen Poroxide

When Was Hydrogen Peroxide Isolated

Hydrogen Peroxide was isolated in 1818, so it is a relatively new discovery. It took several more years for it to become a household word. Its popularity quickly grew once its germ killing attributes became evident, and hospitals began using it as a disinfectant. As with most extremely good discoveries, the vast number of uses that hydrogen peroxide offered caught the attention of government agencies.

Hydrogen is a volatile substance that is used in creating thrust for NASA rockets along with many other military applications.
Hydrogen is a volatile substance that is used in creating thrust for NASA rockets along with many other military applications. | Source

Does The Government Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Once the government found the volatility of the substance to have such extreme possibilities, hydrogen peroxide's highest grade began its military service. It has been (and still is) used to make explosive devices and for fuel applications in everything from jeeps to rockets. Remember In consumer grade hydrogen peroxide the concentration is about 3% Hydrogen peroxide to 97% water. Whereas in the military grades this can be fully opposite making for a super volatile product. Certain additives are combined with the hydrogen peroxide to act as a stabilizer for the substance, which is not stable by nature in either consumer grade concentrations or military grade concentrations. This is why we find it generally stored in dark-brown containers or other light proof packaging.

These additives are also in consumer grade products, so be careful not to swallow the hydrogen peroxide in any form that is not meant for human "food grade" consumption.

Hydrogen Peroxide Powered Rocket Plane Youtube Video

Water is the by-product of Hydrogen Peroxide!
Water is the by-product of Hydrogen Peroxide! | Source

"The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide"

After reading Thackers book "The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide" I was amazed by the many health remedies, cleaning formulas and even gardening mixtures she shared. Even more impressive were the lists of qualified Physicians who use Hydrogen Peroxide in their daily practices to treat some very serious ailments. To this day, her book is located in a handy spot on my bookshelf where I can get to it easily when needed. I recommend this book for those who have an interest in inexpensive yet absolutely effective home remedies. Grab your copy of "The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide" today and see how your regular old cheap store bought 3% brown bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide can be put to use in your medicine chest as well as under the kitchen sink!

Who Needs To Drill For Oil

How Powerful Is Hydrogen Peroxide

For something that is so very powerful, Hydrogen Peroxide is surprisingly safe in and of itself. That's because after it makes germs self-destruct, or propels a rocket through space, it breaks down into harmless water! Wouldn't water be a great by-product of fuel instead of the polluting oil based by-product expelled from the petrol we use today?

Who needs to drill for oil when we have Hydrogen Peroxide!?


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