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Hyperbaric Chambers in School Put Kids Under Pressure?

Updated on October 10, 2011

Well not really! You are unlikely to find hyperbaric chambers in school any time soon. They will not be popping up in grade schools across the land. Hyperbaric chambers are special little worlds within worlds with the aim of therapeutic treatment for any number of medical conditions. Colleges however are another story as more and more institutes are finding value for money from hyperbaric chambers in school, on hand to give hyperbaric oxygen treatment to injured athletes as well as paying patients.

Three things need to fall into place in order for the popularity of hyperbaric chambers in schools to spread. Firstly the awareness of the power of the therapy and the 'customer base' for it. Secondly the Expertise in the use of this therapy needs to be more widespread and thirdly the economic case needs to be made with school governing authorities.

It is not that hyperbaric chambers in school is a bad idea but it is probably a budget commitment too far for most organizations. Even a small single occupant unit could cost up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The larger multi occupant chambers could be in six figures. But most people in need of hyerpabaric oxygen therapy pay for it themselves. The Food and Drug Administration does recognize a number of illnesses and reimburses patients accordingly but the private cost could be between $150 to $1000 dependent upon the facility in which it is being conducted.

Hyperbaric chambers in school is an idea whose time is yet to come because many doctors are unaware of the possibilities with this therapy. It is not just good for cutting the healing time of crocked knees on star quarterbacks (although the payback on this alone may soon make a hyperbaric chambers in school viable). The training colleges for hyperbaric oxygen therapy tends to be associated with scuba diving hotspots. This is because the hyperbaric chambers was developed specifically to cure divers involved in accidents and suffering decompression sickness or 'the bends' as it is more popularly known.

The bends are a very painful, life threatening condition that occurs with divers who surface too quickly from depth. Nitrogen gas bubbles appear in the bloodstream causing cramps and joint pain. A set amount of time has to be spent in an oxygen rich atmosphere at higher than normal atmospheric pressure to re-oxygenate the blood; hence the hyperbaric chamber. From this treatment, has developed a whole plethora of ideas for treating other conditions with the same cure. So the specialists and the patients are drawn to the existing hyperbaric chambers rather than the establishment of hyperbaric chambers in schools and elsewhere.

Likewise the training establishments for physicians and technicians tends to be concentrated in the diving hotspots too. Clearly operators and doctors wishing to use the healing properties of hyperbaric chambers in schools need to be trained and continuously developed in order to make the large upfront investment in the equipment pay off in the shortest possible time.


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