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Hyperpigmentation Treatment and Causes

Updated on June 9, 2015

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Hyperpigmentation treatments vary depending on the cause

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that is affects millions of people every day. This skin disease is generally seen as an uneven darkening of the skin on the body. Some sufferers have the condition in one area of the body, while others see it in several different areas. There is no particular skin type or tone safe from the condition. A variety of causes and circumstances are influencing this illness. This hub outlines some useful and informative things to know about this particular ailment.


Countless people afflicted with this complaint admit the instigating reason, event or circumstance is one of the biggest questions on the mind. This is not an easy question to answer. Hyperpigmentation causes originate from a variety of factors. Knowing what triggers the disease in a specific individual is extremely effective in treating it correctly.

The sun, hormones and illness

The uneven coloring or tone of the skin is typically a result of excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, illness, inflammation and birth control pills are all contributing factors to this condition. In fact, some pregnant women have seen hyperpigmentation during pregnancy which goes away after delivery and hormone levels return to normal. Though, others are not as fortunate and learn to live it after having the baby.


Uneven darkening of the skin is not always hyperpigmentation. For an example, Addison’s Disease symptoms include both inflammation and unusual skin pigmentation. Sun exposure by some patients leads to changes in the color of some portions of skin around the body, but these are not the same as hyperpigmentation.

Acne is a leading cause of changes in the color of skin, especially on the face and back, not related to the disorder. A visit to the physician is a sure fire way to diagnose what has caused any type of alterations of this kind and help with the correct treatment.


One of the best methods of prevention is using good sunscreen at all times. This is identified as one of the best because it is fighting the leading source of the issue. Regardless of a person's skin tone or the time of year a good sunscreen is a great deterrent and works wonders to keep the disease at bay.

When looking for what works, choose sunscreens contain UVA as well as UVB protection. Using a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or more is essential for the best protection from the sun for skin all over the body. The face is the most exposed as well as the possessing the least amount of defense. Take extra measures to maintain it.

The face is extremely susceptible to sun damage. Keeping it covered with sun screen and hats helps protect it from negative effects while outside. Sunglasses are useful for the area around the eyes which is the most fragile of the entire body. Use an umbrella and in general avoid prolonged exposure outdoors no matter what the weather.

Treatment of the disease

Treatment of hyperpigmentation relies heavily on knowing the cause of the disease for each patient. Every one is different the source of the condition emerges from a variety of factors and treated different ways depending on the origin. After a patient is evaluated by a physcian, these are some of the treatments generally offered.


Creams for the skin are used to reduce the uneven pigmentation of any area of the body. These bleaching creams are generally found in local pharmacies are purchased over the counter. Avoid using skin bleaching creams for extended periods of time because they eventually have the opposite of the intended affect. Light uneven spots are the result. Always follow the directions of a physician.

Use topical bleaching creams for the skin at night, before bedtime. Some of these are labeled as dark spot removers. Hyperpigmentation creams or skin bleaching products cause sensitivity of the skin to increase and using a good sunscreen during the day is a must when using these kinds of creams.

Acid peels

Acid peels are also used. Glycolic acid peels are found extremely beneficial for countless cases. The entire top layer of the skin is peeled off to allow the healthy portions lying underneath to come to the surface.

Dermatologists who specialize in the procedure perform a glycolic acid peel. Glycolic acid is also available in milder forms via over the counter medications. Most of these are typically sold at local pharmacies.


Microdermabrasion is a process working extremely well with milder cases of of the disorder. The procedure is typically best for the patient with an affected face. Aluminum oxide micro crystals are used to give a more even tone.


Laser treatment is also an option sometimes recommended. Laser treatments are practiced by a qualified expert dermatologist. These are procedures which are wonderful for delivering more precise results for skin. However, repeated treatments are needed to be effective in most cases.

Home remedies

Taking care of this particular type of condition is also possible through the use of home remedies. Home cures are comprised of the use of lemon juice applied to the affected area of skin. Lemon juice has the property of acidity. When applied to discolored areas surprisingly it works by increasing the cell turnover.


The drawback of using lemon juice a source of treatment is the fact it has a tendency to sting and cause drying in a lot of individuals. Adding a few drops of lemon juice with an exfoliating face pack containing oatmeal, yogurt and sugar works wonderfully. Use the exfoliating pack weekly to see results in most cases.

Taking Vitamin C is recommended to reduce the creation of melanin as another home remedy for treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Mental issues and concerns

Hyperpigmentation is a disease which also affects sufferers mentally. This particular condition falls into a category of conditions which is not invisible to others. It is easily identifiable and seen which makes sufferers feel self-conscious and tends to negatively affect self-esteem in a lot of instances. Along with doctors treating patient’s physical health it is also recommended to include some sort of treatment for mental health as well.

In conclusion

Genetics are always seen in cases of disease and disorder. Most patients have seen relatives with the same issues. This does not necessarily mean children are guaranteed to have it. In fact, it is likely to skip generations according to most skin professions.

Taking care of the problem is not set in stone or guaranteed on the first go around. The best way is not necessarily through one source. Countless have benefited using one or more. The outcome varies from patient to patient depending on the cause, skin type, skin tone and even affected area being treated.

Covering exposed skin with the condition takes some practice. Find out how

There are more than a few recommendations for home cures or treatments as well as professional medical help sought after and applied. Dermatologists are the specific type of doctor specializing in the skin.

Some of the interventions used to help are chemical peels and laser treatments. Save skin from sun exposure to reduce the symptoms and prevent it entirely.

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      Angela Joseph 6 years ago from Florida

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