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Hypertension: The Dangerous "Beer Belly" in Woman

Updated on December 26, 2010

Studies show that 80.5% of people with hypertension have bigger waist circumference, for men it is 32.4%. High blood pressure is a silent killer. Surveys shows that for women in many cases it may be noticed by the tummy, the signs associated with hypertension that can reveal whether the person lives with rates above those recommended (and healthy) 120 by 80. This risk factor in surveys showed that it was far more prevalent in females than in males, because among the hypertension men of the same age group 30.2% had high circumference, a comparative difference of 2.48 times (to make the measurement, it is necessary to put the tape measurer from the navel and around across the belly).

Knowing that the "belly of beer" could be a warning that pressure is out of control can help people to be aware of a sign of a disease that does not always warn about its presence.

The habit of measuring your blood pressure is not always a routine, people associate the problem only to old age and can live with a ticking time bomb that does not make noise.
The good news is that the same secret that "eliminates" the belly, is also able to conquer hypertension. Healthy diet linked to physical exercises work for both problems.
According to nutritionists specialize in hypertension control, there are five steps to have a diet effective against high blood pressure:

  • Preparing food with little salt
  • Never take the salt shaker to the table and never add salt to ready meal
  • Prepare the food with natural foods
  • Avoid processed products (which come in cans or glass jars), sausages, ham, beef jerky and dried meat
  • Be very careful with the amount of salt contained in food and avoid those that have too much salt in the preparation

Take care of your health, take care of yourself!


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